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2/6 Ridge Run tracks

2/6 Ridge Run tracks

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Please try to provide information about base adequacy and quality of tracks.

3/27/14- Park Mgmt
The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have further deteriorated due to warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Trails are extremely icy below a thin blanket of fresh snow. The end of the season is near and no further grooming operations are expected to be completed this season.

27. November 2013 by Allegany Nordic
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  1. Skied all five loops Saturday, March 15. Complete snow coverage of all trails. It started out icy, hard, and fast, but the day’s snow put enough coverage down to make for decent, in-control, albeit a little slow, skiing. One remarkable thing, the rotten trunk down on Patterson came down just as we were skiing up the trail to it! Hard to predict if this week’s rain and > 32°F temps will erase the snow coverage.

  2. The ski trails still have great coverage. The transitions after the recent grooming have left a shallow track which are a bit fast/icy when temps are cold.

  3. 3/13 4PM skied upper trails- fresh track in excellent condition great job ASP

  4. 3/10 11AM +1C to +4C Skied Christian, Leonard, Ridge & Patterson on waxless. Some ice spots but mostly enough softening to get grip.

  5. 3/6 4PM skied all upper loops excellent track! doesn’t get any better Thank you ASP for new tracks! Great Job!!

  6. 3/6 1040 Temp -9 to -6C Skied upper loops, good tracks, especially on windward side of hills

  7. Thank you Park personnel. Mid-week grooming made for primo skiing! Allegany Blue was workin’. Freshly tracked with light snow falling. If you’re thinking of coming, do it. Forecast is for a warmup Friday but no rain.

  8. 3/4 3PM same conditions as yesterday. the 3 inches of unpacked snow would make great track . Get the CAT out there.

  9. 3/3 4PM skied upper trails 3 inches new snow It would behoove the Park to track before warm weather comes

  10. The park has good snow coverage, on Sunday the park failed to groom the additional 3” – 4” inches of snow. Skied in tracks were a bit messy.

  11. Skied Ridge-Patterson yesterday. Conditions were good through out. Tracks were a little messy in places, but very skiable.

  12. Skied all five loops yesterday, March 1. Conditions were decent – not much snow fell during the week; about 3 in. Snow Snake had the best formed tracks. There is significant additional snow falling now which should make the skiing for the upcoming week good.

  13. 2/28/14 2PM skied Sweet Water, Christian, & Leonard. Trails in excellent condition and there is no ice.

  14. 3 PM 2/25 Tues.skied SW, C , and Leonard-3-4 inches new snow and tracked by other skiers no ice it’s very safe . Park should track today(wed,2/26) . I would suggest not using roller -the tracking sled will do a better job. great skiing

  15. Skied all 5 loops today. Was icy, fast, and hard when I first started out, but the warmth softened the snow so hills and turns could be negotiated more easily later in the day. Talked shop with the Good Dr. on Sweetwater. If you ski tomorrow (Sunday) be careful and be prepared for hard icy conditions. If more snow falls, what is there will make a good base. Surprisingly, with the high winds, there were no downed trees.

  16. Just so everybody knows, there is a significant warming trend coming with rain and upper 40′s by mid week or so. If you want to ski in excellant conditions, this is the weekend to do it. Don’t wait.

    The disclaimer is: Now that I typed this msg, the weather will do the opposite:)

  17. Thursday, Feb. 13th Sweet H2O is the only trail recently tracked. All tracks (Christian and Leonard) are shallow and firm. glide is excellent (no plowing)- enjoy

  18. After a long wait for me, I finally got down to the state park. I arrived just after the groomers had finished. I skied on Sweetwater. Very nice to ski on with fresh tracks laid. Easy to ski down hill.

    I went and explored Snow Snake for the first time. It wasn’t groomed but still nice to ski on especially when you factor in the clear blue skies and bright sun.

    Nice work!

  19. Leonard Run was very nice today. Great glide. Much to my surprise when I finished skiing at 1:30, the groomer was out tracking Sweetwater. Should be fantastic skiing tomorrow on fresh tracks.

  20. The trails have a 10 + inch base. The Park groomed the upper, Patterson, and Snow Snake trails this past Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the tracks are on the shallow side, park equipment was unable to punch in a deep set of tracks. Due to the cold temps there is very little water coming thru the base and the system is in excellent shape.

  21. Very good to excellent. Track somewhat chewed up in spots due to numbers. Great coverage and relatively hard track. Looks good for the next few days. Would be great if they tracked early Sunday (hint!) This may be as close to as good as it gets this season.

  22. Skied Friday 7th. conditions were perfect!! snowsnake very fast and scary going down. there are 6 drops from the parking area to patterson. Drop 3 is insane, go slow there is an s curve that is difficlut to negoiate going fast! Drop 5 has a hard right turn in the middle, fortunately there are run out areas to go off in deep snow to slow down. Drop 6 is alittle scary as well. anyway great challenge to stay upright. enjoy!!

  23. skied on monday. asked an expert just coming in and he said conditions were good , fast and ice , as an average skier the conditions were very rutted with ice not great ,meet some more inexperienced skiers and they were just trying to get back in the conditions were too tough for them

  24. Our Ohio group visited the park for the weekend. It was our annual trip. The conditions on all the trails were great! Thanks groomers. Really enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully back soon.

  25. Fri. pm. Sweetwater was relatively good. Base still good. Blue extra with VF50 under the toe. Agree with Dan that tracking would be better Friday. Forecast for Sat. not promising. a.m. may still be OK.

  26. Skied Christian, Sweet H2O, Leonard -decent track with 2 inches new snow great glide, great kick-it doesn’t get any better. It would behoove the Park to track Friday, 1/31. This would consolidate the base and protect it from the coming rain/sleet

  27. Skied upper loops. About 2″ snow over packed base. A few areas were partially drifted in but overall it is good. Once it is packed again it will be excellent. Very little debris blown onto trails. Maybe the parks crew could let us know when its packed – hopefully by the weekend.

  28. Skied upper loops, ridge and patterson Sunday. Tracks were excellent, thank you groomer!! Snow a little thin at bottom of patterson but overall excellent. Started skiing temp was -1 and finished at noon only 5 degrees.

  29. Upper trails packed and tracked. Good coverage. No ice. Extra blue was a little sticky. More snow in sight. No melt. Should be good thru next weekend at least.

  30. Sunday, the park trails are in good condition. There is a 2” or so packed base. Tracks were set this morning and are very good for the amount of snow. Due to the thinness of the snow coverage there are quite a few sticks coming up through the tracks especially on Leonard trail. Also, undulations in the base can make for less than perfect kick at times but overall conditions are great.

  31. Just skied Sweetwater. Nice, undisturbed tracks & good coverage.

  32. Sat. the upper trails were good. Very nice glide. We got about 4 or 5 inches new snow overnight. Does anyone know if the park groomed Sunday morning?

  33. Skied fire tower loop and start of Sweetwater for a bit on Sunday Jan 19 with a new skier. Not much loose snow except on edges. A couple of inches of packed snow over ice so poling not great. No tracks, but we still had fun. A “bad” day at Art Roscoe is better than good days many other places. As we packed the car to leave our cabin today (Monday, Jan 20) it was sleeting and about 30 but turned to snow by 10am.

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