3/1/16: ASP Reports Trails Are Not Suitable For Skiing At This Time

I have not been out to the trails in the past week.  See the Updates from Allegany State Park link; they report “The Art Roscoe Ski Trails are not suitable for skiing at this time”.  If we get enough snow they will groom if possible.  If anyone visits the trails (hiking? mountain biking?) leave a comment on what conditions you find.

01. March 2016 by Allen Knowles
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Leave Comments to Help Other Skiers!

Traffic on the website Tuesday through Friday this week ran between 151 and 182 visits per day.  Your comments on trail conditions help other skiers decide whether to make the drive, and what equipment to bring.  Tell us what your experience was!

16. January 2016 by Allen Knowles
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Allegany Nordic is on Facebook!

Check out the Allegany Nordic Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/996895590365870/

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Successful Workday!

Jack Luzier reports that a beautiful, sunny day was experienced by a dozen members and friends with our workday on Sunday, November 15, 2015. All upper trails, including upper Ridge, and Patterson were cleared except large trees. All trails were snow covered. Jo Ann brought copious refreshments. Tom Livak from the Park was there initially; we will be reporting problems to him.
Thank you very much to all who helped out. Your contribution should be appreciated by all using the trails. It’s folks like you who help
keep Allegany Nordic viable.

16. November 2015 by Allen Knowles
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Work Day Horse Power

1025141344aThe 10/25/14 work day and pot luck was a huge success/ Crews cleaned and cut back all trails but Snow Snake. The Christian Hollow snow fence was also re-set.

And the chili selection at the pot-luck was of gormet proportions!

Remember to thank the gritty skiers that help keep the trails clear.

29. October 2014 by Allegany Nordic
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