Yesterday (Tuesday 1/21) the trails received another inch or two of snow and ASP groomed again, leaving sufficient base and excellent tracks on the upper trails.  One skier reported to me Monday that the lower trails, although groomed, lacked sufficient base in spots.  This morning the snow had transformed to hard and fast, but by 1 PM the temp was up to 32F and the snow was softening.  The upper trails remained in very good condition as of this morning.  I started on blue extra, but by noon had to add a layer of violet (v45) for my last hour.  Tomorrow I anticipate it may be a little icy early on with temps rising above 32F by noon.  I plan on switching to my twin skins (no wax) for tomorrow morning. How long the base will last with the warming afternoons forecast remains to be seen.

As we go forward and afternoons warm, leave a comment to report what conditions you find.  For the most recent report, click on the comments to this post.

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The Art Roscoe Loppet will be taking place on Sunday, March 1st 2020 at Allegany State Park. Tremendous support continues from Allegany Nordic and the Allegany Nordic Ski Patrol as well as the Park and our great volunteers to keep this traditional event in place. Thank you and think snow! Full info and continued updated news at Please share with partner groups.

(This is a copy/paste from Mark Lawences’s post on the Allegany Nordic Facebook page.)

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Allegany Nordic is on Facebook!

Check out the Allegany Nordic Facebook page here:

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Work Day Horse Power

1025141344aThe 10/25/14 work day and pot luck was a huge success/ Crews cleaned and cut back all trails but Snow Snake. The Christian Hollow snow fence was also re-set.

And the chili selection at the pot-luck was of gormet proportions!

Remember to thank the gritty skiers that help keep the trails clear.

29. October 2014 by Allegany Nordic
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