Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 And Going Forward

Friday, Jan. 19: Grooming was done of at least the upper trails this morning; at the time I passed the distal Leonard/Ridge junction Ridge was not groomed past that point.  The grooming greatly reduced the number of leaves in the tracks and left all three upper trails in good condition.  There is no longer any water or slush on any of them.  All three have some thin spots that are ski-able, or easily circumvented if you are wearing your A skis.  I tried to use my waxed skis but the leaves defeated me (this was before the grooming).  My 28 year old waxless skis actually performed well. Even with the fresh grooming, the snow is pretty slick.  The temp was up to 30F when I left about 12:30.

As the warming up progresses over the weekend, click on comments to leave a post of what you found.  Particularly on weekends, traffic on the site runs about 150 visits a day.  People who have decide whether to drive a  distance have expressed appreciation of recent reports of conditions

19. January 2018 by Allen Knowles
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Art Roscoe Loppet Feb. 11, 2018

Visit for information

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Tuesday, Jan. 16 and Going Forward

Tuesday afternoon:  About two inches of new snow and fresh grooming! 25F; Blue Extra worked well.  Overall very good skiing.

Sweetwater: The prior bare spot has a little snow on it but still rough.  Not something I would want to go over with good skis, and I still recommend going anti-clockwise to encounter this while climbing.  No wet spots, and otherwise excellent conditions.

Christian Hollow: Same as Sweetwater, except go clockwise to encounter the bad patch while climbing.

Leonard Run: Passable, and a lot of it is very good, but still wet spots and bare spots and one area of slush.  Carry a scraper.

Ridge Run to the second hairpin: Mostly very good to excellent; a few thin spots.  No wet spots, and now tracked all the way to the hairpins.

I have no information on Ridge past the hairpins, Patterson, or Snowsnake.

Click on comments to add your observations of the conditions you encounter.

16. January 2018 by Allen Knowles
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Work Day Horse Power

1025141344aThe 10/25/14 work day and pot luck was a huge success/ Crews cleaned and cut back all trails but Snow Snake. The Christian Hollow snow fence was also re-set.

And the chili selection at the pot-luck was of gormet proportions!

Remember to thank the gritty skiers that help keep the trails clear.

29. October 2014 by Allegany Nordic
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