2009-10 Trail Report Archive

F 12/18/09- A. Dickson
Trail grooming should commence at the end of deer season, approximately 12/23. I will confirm with ASP management and update this post when I have definitive word.

After last week’s high winds, debris pick up is probably needed. Tree blow-downs likely resulted as well. Trail reconnaissance is needed. Back country skiers please post trail reports, blow-down locations, etc. ASAP to expedite grooming!

M 12/21/09- A. Dickson
I just spoke to Gary. He was uncertain about trail conditions, grooming plans or the date hunting season ends. It looks like muzzle loading season ends nine days after regular season, so hunter should be out of the woods after 12/23. I will be speaking to Gary again tomorrow and updating him on a number of fronts.

Gary advised the cat is ready, operational and charging at the operations barn. He also indicated that the proprietor of rentals/food service at the warming hut wants to open 12/26. He also advised that the proprietor is interested in helping make the summit storage come to fruition as soon as next summer. I have been trying to reach him without success but have located his cell number and will try to make contact.

I need immediate feedback from anyone who has been on the trails in the last 2 days in order to help Gary implement a grooming plan. If there is insufficient depth for the cat, I will suggest the Scandic set a single track pulling only the tracksetter.

Please comment if you have any information about trail conditions and snow coverage.

Tu 12/22/09- A. Dickson
The consensus seems to be not enough snow fell up to Saturday to set tracks. Chad will be checking the new snow to determine if grooming can happen. Gary indicated they will roll to set a base if there isn’t enough for tracks.

NWS is predicting lake effect snow for the days just after Christmas. Skiing is just around the corner!

Tu 12/22/09- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Chad was going to go to the upper trails today and attempt to roll/pack the trails. We may have gotten enough snow last night to allow this. We are concentrating on getting a base started- really not worrying about setting track at this point. I will update you tomorrow when I get back to let you know how today went.

W 12/23/09- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
All trails have been cleared and rolled. Concentration is on establishing a solid base. Snow accumulation was not sufficient for setting track. Conditions allow skier to establish tracks. Further grooming will depend on weather conditions and additional snowfall. General conditions are fair on all trails.

M 12/28/09- A. Dickson
Gary advised trails are being rolled today; tracksetting planned for tomorrow.

Tu 12/29/09- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Approx. 4-5″ snow amount plus 2″ packed base. Track will not be set on lower Ridge and Patterspn due to wet areas. Additional grooming will be done if snowfall is received. There will be no grooming on Friday 1/1. If needed grooming will resume early Saturday morning.

Tu 12/29/09- Brad Schottin
Thought conditions were good considering the limited snowfall, well worth a trip. Skied sweetwater and leonard run. 16 cars in lot at 2pm.

Tu 12/29/09- Ray Valeri
Tracks are about a “7” on a 1-10 scale due to shallow base. Tracks appear to be set with cat, so tracks side-slip sometimes when the trail is not level.

Th 12/31/09- Randy Pekarski
Conditions were not too bad this morning. Upper loops were nice with decent tracks but bottom portion of Ridge going into Patterson lacks adequate snow coverage. Overall however, a good ski. More snow is coming!

Tu 12/29/09- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Approx. 4-5″ snow amount plus 2″ packed base. Track will not be set on lower Ridge and Patterspn due to wet areas. Additional grooming will be done if snowfall is received. There will be no grooming on Friday 1/1. If needed grooming will resume early Saturday morning.

Tu 12/29/09- Ray Valeri
Tracks are about a “7” on a 1-10 scale due to shallow base. Tracks appear to be set with cat, so tracks side-slip sometimes when the trail is not level.

Fr 1/1/10- Rob Walk
New Year’s day. Lots of fresh snow. Looks like there will be a very good base for grooming on 1/2/10 and with sub-freezing high temps. forecast for the next 7 days, it should be around for awhile. About 14 cars in parking lot at 4pm.

Sa 1/2/10- A. Dickson
Trails were tracked this morning. Tracks were straight and hard, but a little shallow and blowing snow has already compromised them in some places. Skied Sweet Water, Christian Hollow and Leonard. New snowfall has been packed and base is now sufficient except for the usual spot on CH. Our group was using blue extra or VR 40 with good results. 24 cars in the lot at 1pm.

M 1/4/10- A. Dickson
Advised by Gary that grooming us underway as of Monday 1/4 8:30AM

M 1/4/10- R. Walk
Monday, Jan 4. Newly set tracks today and finally enough snow to make the Ridge/Patterson skiable all the way around- just one icy section coming down from old lean-to site to the Patterson. Overall: really good conditions!

M 1/4/10- A. Dickson
Advised by Chad that next grooming/tracksetting will be Wed 1/6 beginning around 8AM.

W 1/6/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
All trails are to be rolled and track set today. Currently a 6″ base with small amounts of new powder received over the last few days. Conditions are good on all trails- lower Patterson has less coverage that other trails.

W 1/6/10- A. Dickson
This morning I rode around Sweet Water with Chad in the cat (which pulled the roller). Pat drove the Scandic behind us pulling the tracksetter. More weight has been added to the tracksetter to set deeper tracks. I made an adjustment halfway around Sweet Water by lowering the renovator teeth in the front of the drag with the effect of shaving the bumps and filling the troughs to create smoother trails. Both adjustments had a big positive effect on the quality of tracks. And now that there is sufficient base to manipulate, the tracks will improve further still as the season progresses. Patterson was not tracked with the renovator teeth down, so it may be less flat than most of the other trails.

There are still a couple small problems that may be with us for the near future. The first results because the width of the Scandic skis is identical to the distance between the inside tracks of the tracksetter and the Scandic ski tracks are sometimes not fully renovated before the tracksetter imprints the tracks. The second is that sometimes one of the two sets of tracks is sometimes shallow on the outside because the trail is not flat from side to side.

I skied the newly groomed trails and was very pleased with the quality of tracks.

Fr 1/8/10- R. Valeri
I skied the Ridge/Patterson last nite (Jan 07). The tracks were excellent; the best the park has had in several years. Also, they seemed very fast due to the warm temp (mid 20s F) and high humidity.

Fr 1/8/10- J. Luzier
Excellent conditions 1/7/10, pm.
All trails well-tracked. Lots of snow. Blue Extra. Fast and fun!

Sa 1/9/10- A. Rimmer
@9:30 Skied Sweetwater and Christian Hollow. Used V40 BE and it worked well, probably could have used V20 G. All tracks had good coverage and while they were a little shallow, they were solid, level, and in very good condition- no pole sinking on the outside either. There was also a fairly good skier turnout too! I couldn’t ask for anything nicer for my first day of the nordic season.

Su 1/10/10- B. Schottin
Skied Sweetwater, Leonard Run, and Christian Hollow. All were in excellent shape The snow stuck to every tree branch along with the blue skies made it the best ski day so far this year. Counted about 24 cars in lot mid afternoon.

Su 1/10/10- S. Abdella
Skied the mornings of both Saturday 1/9 and Sunday 1/10…Saturday the trails had just been groomed in the early morning and my complements to the Park staff! — we skied the entire system and the groomed trails were the best I have ever encountered at ASP. Sunday morning the upper loop trails were showing the effects of skier traffic, but still were excellent with the exception of Christian Hollow which had unfortunately been traversed by snowmobiles 🙁 Hopefully signage can be improved to address the problem so that the Park staff’s wonderful efforts (including time and money) are not wasted. Blue Extra both days worked like a charm…get out there if you possibly can!!

Su 1/11/10- B. Gillette
I have to say that Saturday was probably the best day of skiing I have ever had. Thanks for the great website that allowed us to make an informed decision before we made the 2 hour drive with friends. The snow, scenery and grooming were perfect. Thanks to the park, the groomers and to the Allegheny Nordic group.

Su 1/11/10- R. Walk
Kudos to Gary Q., Chad and the rest of the crew for excellent grooming THREE Xs IN THE SAME WEEK after each new snowfall!

Ironically, during this period of ideal trail conditions, we had to endure a 3 day invasion of the Cretins from Outer Space Snowmobile Club. Chuck Walker posted signs at both ends of the Patterson and on Monday afternoon we noticed that the Park also reacted by placing some very noticable signs by the stone gate posts at the entrance.

Several of us contacted the Park police and they strongly advised us to try to get a liscense # if at all possible. We were told it’s usually a 4 digit # followed by 2 letters and is on the side of the machine.

The Ridge and Snow Snake were in beautiful condition today however the Patterson is still in a trashed state from the snowmobiles. Enjoy, this may be the best January in years!!

Su 1/11/10- C. Anderjack
We are newcomers to the Art Roscoe Ski Area and we were so delighted to have experienced the best ski weekend ……ever. Incredible snow conditions, diverse and comfortable trails, exceptional grooming and a warm hut with treats and facilities. We could not have been happier and we plan to drive from Bath NY next weekend. So thanks to all that have made it so pleasurable.

M 1/12/10- J. Luzier
Excellent conditions.
New track.
Blue extra

Tu 1/13/10- N. Olejniczak
Skied Sweetwater this morning (first time on the trails in about 7 yrs.). Excellent conditions with good track, ideal conditions for a long awaited return to the trails. 7 cars in lot, plus skiers staying in the cabins. If you can get out mid-week, it’s wonderful.

Fr 1/15/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
…we ran a test run on the trails today and found it was best to leave as is. The conditions were creating a greater drag on the sled and the tracks it was leaving were not the best. Chad checked the upper trails and said the tracks were fine. Also with the light drizzle we got this afternoon its best we stay away for the weekend.

Sa 1/16/10- N. Olejniczak
Good conditions on Christian Hollow this morning especially considering the weather this week. Track is good except at main trail intersections and at bottom of hills. Turned back a group of college students at the entrance, one w/ snowshoes. “Did you know that ….?” and pointed toward the sign. Referred them to the rental concession. They were very polite and adjusted their plans. 30 cars at 10:45am (1 OH, 2 ONT, 6 PA, 21 NY) plus skiiers walking up from the cabins.

Su 1/17/10- V. Jones
did everything except snowsnake in a clockwise fashion. the trails are awesome. can’t believe how much better patterson is compared to last sunday. looks like everyone is skiing great. thanks also to the work crews.

Su 1/17/10- J. Whalin
Nice job and “thank you” to Allegany Nordic and ASP! I made my first trek of the season to ASP today (1/17) and it was well worth the drive from Bufalo – despite the warm temperatures. Trails are in nice shape and there is a good base so we should enjoy skiing for some time if it doesn’t get TOO warm. Looks like there has been good progress keeping walkers, dogs, snowshoers off the groomed ski trails.

M 1/18/10- L. Scherer
Skiing was much better than expected. Snow wasn’t too slushy, and the covereage was more complete and deeper than expected. We skied all the loops and only noticed bare ground in a few places. Tracks were shallow, but held the skis well.
MI = 1
Mass = 1
NY = 11
PA = 1
OH = 0
Total = 14

Tu 1/19/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Tracks have maintained despite warmer temps – but may be shallow in some areas. Bare ground may be found on lower trails. Grooming will resume if enough snow is received before this upcoming weekend.

Th 1/21/10- R. Walk
January 21st Thursday. Did a reverse Ridge. The base has held up very well, even on the lower Patterson. Looks like all the grooming has really paid off in terms of conserving the snow. Even though it is pretty hard packed- more like styrofoam than snow -it’s definitely better than boiler plate.

Fr 1/22/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
All trails are in fair condition. Base is holding but with temps nearing 40 and rain over the next few days-conditions may deteriorate. Lower trails may have wet or bare spots. Icy conditions may exist- please use caution on all trials. Grooming will continue when conditions warrant.

Su 1/24/10-L. Scherer
Snow was remarkably the same today as last Monday. Tracks were rock solid and FAST. Agreed, good base packing and subsequent grooming is making the best of the snow that landed on the trails. Hopefully, there is not too much rain the next few days and the trails hold up for another week.
Cars @ 3:00 pm:
NY = 17
PA = 4
Ont. = 1

W 1/27/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
All trails are in fair to poor condition. Small amounts of snow have been received over the past few days. Trails are being monitored for enough accumulation to make grooming possible. Colder temps and some snow may allow for grooming to resume on Friday or early Saturday morning.

F 1/29/10- A. Dickson
Grooming underway per Gary Q @ 11AM. More detailed report to follow.

F 1/29/10- T. Houseknecht
We did a night ski on Thursday night under a nearly full moon. The tracks were gone, but coverage was pretty good. Good conditions for wide skis. Hopefully we’ll get some more snow, but it was worth the trip.

F 1/29/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Due to heavy rainfall received earlier in week all trails have washout conditions. Skiers will experience ruts and gullies on trails. Lower trails are skiable but conditions are extremely poor. Base is extremely icy and hard packed. Please ski with caution. No grooming is anticipated until at least an additional 5″- 8″ of snowfall is received. (Gary’s report to me indicated all trails were tracked- A. Dickson)

F 1/29/10- A. Hough
Looking forward to hearing how the grooming goes. Possibly coming up from Grove City for a day of skiing on the trails this weekend. Appreciate the site.

Sa- 1/30/10- L. Scherer
Skiing, once again was remarkably good – given the scant snowfall. Adequate fresh snow base over the frozen base. The tracks, although shallow, kept the skis in-line. A few washout gullies and thin coverage were easy-enough to negotiate around.
3:00 pm car tally:
NY = 24
PA = 6
OH = 4
Ont. = 3
MN = 1
Total = 38 cars

Su 1/31/10- R. Martin
1/31/10: B/4 noon: may be 14-18 deg F. Skied Sweetwater; Christian Hollow , and Leonard Run. Good conditions, more snow would be nice. Green and Green Special worked well.

Su 1/31/10- M. Linsler
Great day to ski best conditions in surrounding areas. Sweet water had a two gully washers, but other than that the 3 upper loops were in decent condition. there was still a set track for most of the course, except for the uphill or downhills depening which way you went on the trail. Felt as though blue kick and red glide were sufficient for todays conditions

M 2/1/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
New accumulation of approx. 4″ received overnight. Conditions still vary- but overall fair. Rougher conditions may be experienced on the lower trails. No grooming scheduled until mid week.

F 2/5/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
New accumulation of approx. 4″ received over the early part of the week. Upper trails have best conditons. Snow (light) is expected today and tomorrow Grooming is scheduled for Saturday night/early Sunday to prepare trails for Loppet.

W 2/10/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
New accumulation of approx. 2″- 4″ of powder received overnight. In anticipation of more accumulation -grooming will resume tomorrow morning. Doing so will ensure good trail conditions for weekend skiing. Currently lower trails still may have some rough and icy areas. Upper trails are fair with an icy base.

Th 2/11/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Track set on all trails. Upper trails conditions are good- lower trails are in fair condition but much improved from the conditions earlier in the week. Next grooming is planned for Tuesday or Wednesday which will be determined by additional snowfall. In the event of unexpected snowfall-grooming will be conducted over the weekend (if needed).

W 2/17/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Track set on all trails. Trails are in good condition. Grooming will resume on Friday unless large snowfall is received.

F 2/19/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Track set on all trails. Upper trails are in good condition- lower in fair conditon- Snowsnake does have soft conditions with some clumpings of snow.

W 2/24/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Trails are still in good condition. Tracks may be hard and icy- ski with caution. Grooming is planned for Friday in anticipation of additional snowfall tonight through Friday morning.

F 2/26/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Received approx. 4-6″ of new snow overnight. Trails are in good condition but may have icy base. Use caution drifting areas may exist due to windy conditions. Grooming is planned for early Saturday morning due to more snow expected today and tonight.

M 3/1/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Track set on all trails. Good amount of new snow was received over weekend. Conditions listed as good- with temps in 30’s most of the week and no significant snowfall expected grooming will resume later in the week if necessary.

W 3/3/10- A Dickson
Disregard 3/1 report above from GQ. I received it Monday thinking the park groomed Monday but they haven’t. He is referencing the track-setting done on Saturday. I skied today. Tracks are beat up and, with the warm temperatures, soft and slow. I was icing up with KR50 klister. It was a beautiful day, though. Quit early and went home and rode my bike.

3/4/10- A. Dickson
ASP will be grooming Friday 3/5 AM with snowmobile and track setter (no cat).

F 3/5/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
4-6″ base remains. Conditions on upper trails better- tracks are icy making for fast skiing – use caution. (Tracks set on all trails- AD).

F 3/12/10- Gary Q, Red House Mgr
Warm weather and rain will cause deterioration of tracks and base. Any track may be icy and hard in early part of day and worsening as day progresses. Additional rain over weekend will cause wet and bare spots- especially on lower trails.