Trail Maps & Grooming

The Art Roscoe Cross-Country Ski Trails are one of the finest double-track trail systems in the Northeastern US. The 20 miles of trails are well-designed and offer skiers of all ages and abilities an exceptional skiing experience. Scenic vistas around the trail offer beautiful panoramic views of the Allegany region and never does a road or power line cross the trail. You are truly alone with nature and like-minded skiers when you depart from the trail head.

The trails are groomed on an as-needed basis by park staff for classic-only skiing. Some park literature still references skate grooming, but there is none available. No snowshoeing, hiking or dogs are are permitted on the trails during the winter.

Art Roscoe Trail Map

Art Roscoe Trail Topographical Map

In order to ensure the enjoyment of the trails by all users… we ask that you follow a few basic rules while skiing the ASP trail system.  Also, help us maintain the trails and facilities by leaving them the way you found them.

RESPECT OTHERS: Ski so that you don’t endanger or offend others.
Please do not walk or snowshoe on the ski trails. The ski trail consists of both the groomed surface and the actual tracks.  Footprints damage the tracks laid out by the grooming machine.  The holes created in the trail by dogs or humans harden over time and create a safety hazard for skiers, especially, in periods of low visibility.

We ask that you keep your dogs off the groomed trails. Pets are welcome in other areas of the park but should be leashed at all times.

SKI RIGHT: Ski the right-hand track. Groups should ski single file on the right side of the trail.

MEETING: Keep to the right when meeting. On hills, downhill skiers have the right of way.

POLES IN: Keep your poles close to your body when near other skiers.

KEEP TRAILS CLEAR: If you stop, get out of the track. If you fall, please repair damage to the trail if you have fallen, especially on downhill trails, as a courtesy to your fellow skiers.

WATCH YOUR SPEED: Suit your skiing speed to your personal ability, the terrain, and visibility especially on hills. Keep a safe distance from skiers ahead. As a last resort, fall intentionally to avoid a collision.

DON’T LITTER: Don’t carry in what you cannot carry out. Carrying litter is easy – it’s light.

Please report any safety hazard, vandalism, or damaged facilities to the Parks Office @ 716.354.9101