2010-11 Trail Report Archive

W 12/8- Jack L.
If anyone hits the trails. please post the conditions. Many may be thinking about this weekend so it would be great to know before we go. Thanks!

F 12/10- A Dickson
Park advises they will begin packing trails (packing only- no tracks) early next week (12/12?) with groomer.

Sa 12/11- Randy Pekarski
Friend and I skied Sweetwater and Christian up top. One other skier had been on Sweetwater and we opened up Christian- tough trekking at times due to the snow depth. The overlook is great, nice work by all. At the time, no one had been out Ridge or Patterson. Broke trail for a couple miles out Snowsnake until it became a chore. Regardless, it was a great first ski and day to be outside!

Su 12/12- Jack L.
Went out late yesterday on Christian. Great to get out and plenty had gone before so good “human” tracks.
Of note is a blowdown blocking the trail on the “backside” of Christian about a quarter mile from the trailhead with Leonard. Probably could be handsawed and moved with a couple folks.
Packing this week with new snow would be great, especially to establish a good base.
Saw no hunters. Probably snow too deep.

M 12/13- A Dickson
From ASP: Over the next few days all trails will be rolled only to build base. No track will be set. Trails also are being cleared of any recently downed trees- skiers may run across work crews. Due to rain received over weekend there will be some wet/muddy spots especially on the Christian Hollow intersection.

M 12/13- Larry Scherer
On skied Sweetwater, Christian Hollow, Leonards, Ridge Run, and Patterson. The first four had downed trees requiring removal before grooming can commence. Hopefully, the groomer will have a chainsaw with them.
The snow was surprisingly deep – made for tough trail busting were others had not been.

W 12/15- Brad S
Skied Sweetwater, groomer had just started packing trails. There is a lot of snow on the ground and in the trees making it feel like the middle of winter. Snow stuck to the bottom of our waxless skis a little but still good conditions even without the tracks set yet.

Sa 12/18- Paskier
It was a disaster at the Thundershower trail to Westline Pa this morning. Partially plowed trails for the gas well truck traffic has ruined that trail. I packed up and went to Art Roscoe and the smile came back to my face when I found 19 deg sparkly white snow and perfect conditions for a pre-Christmas ski! Thanks NY for such a beautiful place.

Sa 12/18- Jack L.
Come one, come all! The trails are packed and tracked. Hallelulia! Thank you park personell! V40 was working great, approx. 25 degrees at 3. Plenty of snow, great coverage. Expecting a light snow tomorrow. no melt in site! See you tomorrow!

M 12/20- ray
Snow conditions in the park are excellent; snow depth has to be at least 12-15 inches. The park has rolled and set track. Tracks unfortunately, are very shallow and on the more popular trails starting to erode. There is some water on the Leonard and down at the bottom of the Patterson trails otherwise the base is in great shape.

Tu 12/21- dan proto
3 pm 12/21
3 inches new snow- blue kick wax. would be nice if asp tracked before holiday

W 12/22- Brad Schottin
As of 12noon wed trails had not been rolled and/or tracked since the new snow tues. Skiing was still very good and worth a trip.

Th 12/23- A Dickson
ASP advises they will try to track set the upper trails today, then roll and track the entire system Friday.

Th 12/23- Jack L.
Trails tracked. Skied Christian and Sweetwater counter. Great skiing on VF40.
However, the tracks were off center on Sweetwater resulting in significant inability to poleplant on the outside track. Hopefully, when they pack and track tomorrow for the weekend, they can center it better.

F 12/24- A Dickson
From ASP:Track set on upper trails only. Conditions good on those trails. Will experience wet spots on lower trails. All trails will have track set on 12/24. Ridge, Patterson and SS last tracked 12/17.

F 12/24- Jack L.
Leonard about 11 a.m. Just been rolled and tracked. Blue extra over V40 working well. Very good skiing! May go back later. If you have to travel, it’s worth the trip.

Sa 12/25- Jack L.
Sounds like a broken record. Skiing is excellent! Couple rough spots on Ridge but snow is gripping and gliding like crazy. Tracks are mostly solid. Doesn’t get much better than this, Martha.

Sa 12/25- Tom
I agree with Jack L the temp was 25 today on the 25th and perfect conditions for a Christmas ski. I did the Sweetwater loop the tracks were in nice shape. I finished around 3 pm.

Sa 12/25- David Schenck
worth the trip from Prattsburgh, NY(80 miles east). Thanks to all the ASP staff and others who make the trails so great….

M 12/27- A Dickson
From ASP: Conditions remain good on upper trails – Fair on lower elevations. Trails will be rolled and tracks set on Wednesday 12/29.

M 12/27- j roden
skied in am, snow cover was good, tracks were filled in with an inch or so of snow but there were a lot of skiers to pack the trails down, great coverage

W 12/29- A Dickson
From ASP: Conditions remain good/fair on upper trails – Lower elevations have lost coverage with worsening conditions. Track will be set today on upper trails only with no follow-up track set scheduled until adequate amounts of snow is received. With warmer temps/rain expected and increased usage conditions on all trails will deteriorate over holiday weekend.

F 12/31- Jack L.
10 a.m. To Ridge turnaround. 40 degreees at Summit. 38 in the valley. Weird. Rather slow but worth it if you’re local. Watch weather radar for rain. I used waxless due to warmth and tons of leaves.
Happy New Year to all!

F 12/31- Brad Schottin
skied ridge run and patterson. getting soft but still decent skiing. base should hold up to the rain on sat in most places. more snow sunday hopefully. Dorothea Wattles did very well skiing even at 50.

M 1/3- From ASP
Conditions remain poor/fair on upper trails – Lower elevations have lost coverage and bare/wet spots may exist. Base has deteriorated due to the recent rainfall and warm temps. All trails will have extreme icy conditions- please use caution if skiing. Very light new snow is expected with a possible 1″-3″ of new snow. No trail work/track setting is planned.

M 1/3- A Dickson
Conditions are definitely challenging, if not, dangerous. Beginners are advised to stay away. Considerable debris, ice and wash-outs. Some stretches have survived and are even be good, but getting to them is not worth the risk of injury. Rock skis a must if you go.

Tu 1/6-Peter S.
Gave it a try yesterday (Monday, 3 January), but didn’t last long. The good news is that there’s still plenty of snow in the woods and a good base on the trails. The bad news is that the base is all ice. Not icy, ice. Six solid inches worth. It should mean that there will be a solid base for the rest of the season, but until there’s new snow and grooming I’d avoid it.

Th 1/6- A Dickson
Park advises they will likely groom early Friday 1/7, and maybe again Sat AM.

F 1/7- A Dickson
Upper loops were packed and tracked. Ridge, Patterson and Snow Snake remain ungroomed. Tracks are soft and not holding up well to minimum use. Sufficient but thin base on upper loops. New coverage sufficient and worth a ski. Park advises their decision to groom again will be determined in part by additional snowfall.

Su 1/9- Larry S
Skied all the loops Saturday. Given the amount of snowfall conditions were good. Ridgerun was the only trail not groomed, but sufficient people tracks made it a good ski anyways.
More snow on top of the good ice base should make for a good rest of season.

Su 1/9- Brad S
Skied all 3 loops on sat 1/8. tracks are a shallow but otherwise conditions are good and worth a trip.

M 1/10- A Dickson
No grooming has taken place since Fr 1/7. New accumulations in the days before 1/7 were not sufficiently packed and the tracks deteriorated quickly before weekend skiing. New snow received over the weekend has not been packed or tracked. Weekend conditions were undesirable for anyone wishing to kick and glide. Novices seemed to enjoy the trails.

The park has not provided information about its grooming intentions. As soon as information is provided by the park, I will post.

M 1/10- From ASP
Track set on Sweetwater today – Track will be set on remaining upper trails Tuesday. If adequate snow cover is received on Tuesday night- track may be set again on Wednesday. Conditions are generally good on upper trails and fair on lower sections.

Tu 1/11- A Dickson
Tracks set on Christian Hollow & Leonard. 3 upper loops are firm but tracks are shallow. Ridge, Patterson & Snowsnake still not groomed.

W 1/12- From ASP
Track set on all trails except Snowsnake. Conditions remain good on upper trails and fair on the lower trails. Approx. 3-6″ of new powder snow was received overnight.

W 1/12-Susan W.
Skied Sweetwater today (Wenesday). Newly tracked, great kick and glide. Plenty of snow.

W 1/12- Jack L.
Skied Leonard (Monday). Not tracked but people tracks. Not bad. Freshly tracked Sweetwater only. Tracks too shallow, not good. Need to try AN-donated tracker.

Th 1/13- Richard A Kendall
Skied upper trails (Jan 13) @ 1000. Temp 10 t0 14. Trail being groomed as I skied. Park groomers have given up on snowmobile & are tracking with big machine. Not enough weight on tracker or else it is poorly designed. Tracks only 1/2 inch deep in most places. Aside from that, it was a great day to celebrate my 81st birthday doing what I love. Snow conditions are great.

Th 1/13-From ASP
Track set on all trails- conditions are good on all trails. All trails will be groomed again 1/14. Skiers may encounter work crews in early Friday morning. New trail marker signs are being installed.

Th 1/13- A Dickson
Upper loops are firm. Ridge not so firm. Patterson still soft and needs a few more passes with equipment. Snowsnake was tracked but I did not attempt it. Sufficient coverage all around. 4 skiers I talked to at Summit at 4pm agree the track profile is too shallow.

F 1/14- A. Dickson
I was advised by the park today that we will test the newly fabricated renovation/track-setting drag on Wednesday 1/19. Your patience with track quality until then is greatly appreciated.

F 1/14- M Linsler
Ridge had a good foundation the three upper loops were good but still a very shallow track to years past. The skiing was a 9 out of 10 as far as i was concerned. Just remember we have snow to ski on and to not be concerned with the conditions all the time.

F 1/14- Shawn O’Neil
Skied all but Snowsnake this afternoon. All were packed and tracked, everything was firm but still shallow. Best conditionssince the rain!

Sa 1/15- Jack L.
Ridge and Patterson. Not tracked today but enough skied to make decent tracks. V40. Upper trails all tracked and reported very good. Steady light snow and some wind. Definitely worth a trip. Cooler tomorrow but less wind. Have a great time!

Su 1/16- Dan Schwenk
Ski trails were great today. Other than a tad shallow on Patterson, everything else was excellent. Bonus was Snowsnake packed and tracked. I haven’t skied Snowsnake in years. Perfect day. Vr45 with a layer of VR40 on top allowed me to stride up everything, even Snowsnake. Thanks to those responsible for trail prep.

Su 1/16- Jack L.
Freshly tracked, great depth, plenty of snow. Conditions are nearly perfect. V40 was sticking. If you can have tomorrow off, you should. This is as good as it gets. Thank you park personnel. Enjoy!

W 1/19- A. Dickson
Today’s test canceled due to illness. I’m advised the park used the groomer anyway on 1/16 and without additional track weights I have in the back of my truck, so track profile may still have been shallow. What’s the consensus on Sunday’s tracks?

Th 1/20- A. Dickson
Met Chad & Pat at summit at 8AM. Added weight and made adjustments to new tracker. Confirmed Chad used it on Sunday with Cat and liked results. They will groom upper loops today and entire system on Saturday AM with new renovator/track-setter.

Th 1/20- Brent Gillette
Thinking about driving from Naples, NY to ski Allegheny on Saturday. How are trail conditions looking? Thanks for your input

Th 1/20- Michael M
Skied all trails Monday 17 including snowsnake. Tracks on upper trails excellent! Tracks perfect. Thank you. Tracks on ridge and snowsnake perfect! Cold morning at 6, by early afternoon 23. Perfect day 10 out of 10.

F 1/21 Jack L.
Reportedly tracked yesterday and indications will be tracked tomorrow. Wind should also subside tonight. Trails in very good shape. Likely cold but great conditions.
New AN-donated tracker working great.
Hope to see many there!

Su 1/23 Jo Ann D
Trail conditions were perfect last night. Track was set deep and was fairly fast. Great conditions.

M 1/24 Brent Gillette
My wife and I drove down Saturday and very glad we did. The whole area was groomed perfectly and conditions were great. Can’t thank the folks that keep Allegheny Nordic going enough. We’ve probably visited 20 plus locations in the past and Allegheny is by far our favorite.

New track setter works fantastic.

Tu 1/25 Richard A Kendall
Skied upper trails & Ridge-Patterson starting @ 1041. Temp -3 C. Used Rode super extra kickwax for excellent grip. About 1″ of new snow in tracks. Large fallen log across Christian Hollow trail about 2/3 way to Lookout.

Th 1/27- A. Dickson
Met Chad and rode in Cat to tune track-setter. Snow was challenging and today’s tracks my not be hard enough. Adjustments are being made today and better results should be apparent for weekend grooming. Only Sweetwater and CH may be groomed today, as Chad and Pat had to clear the big downed tree on CH. They may have groomed Leonard, but not sure. Tentative plans are to next groom Friday (1/28) evening. Should be a great weekend of skiing!

F 1/28 Ray
Skied all the uppers on Thursday, 27 Jan. The park had groomed the Sweetwater and Christian Hollow trails. The other trails in the system had been ski in but otherwise were untouched. New snow was slowly filling in the tracks and made conditions somewhat slow. The tracks that were set were relatively deep but soft.

Sa 1/29 Jack L.
All upper trails tracked but steady snow falling. Still very good conditions, lots of snow, tracks great although not the same quality as last weekend with the AN tracker.
Should still be great tomorrow and the next week.

Sa 1/29 A Dickson
All trails have sufficient base and coverage. Trails were last groomed Friday afternoon 1/28. About 2″ of dense new snow was received Friday evening, so tracks were snowed-in Saturday AM. Many skies hit the trails Saturday including about 40 folks from Burlington, ONT. Tracks vary in quality on a trail-to-trail basis based on the number and skill of the skiers that have skied them. Snowsnake has poor track quality in many locations due to narrow grooming width- downhill snowplowing skiers obliterate the tracks.

The Redhouse Scandic is still in disrepair and is unavailable for grooming so the LCM Cat is the only equipment being used to groom of late. Friday tracks were set by Cat pulling older tracksetter. No rolling has been done in about 10 days.

Su 1/30 Tim H
Conditions today were fantastic. I had the most fun on Snowsnake that I ever have. Came back around on Ridge Run for about a total of 11 miles or so. Get to the park this week if you can.

Su 1/30 NancyO
Full parking lot Sat. afternoon. Main trail and CH were reasonably well-tracked given the snow falling. My first time out this season and enjoyed the overlook (thanks to those who made this happen). Trails were slow due to fresh snow. Some were v-stepping uphill although I didn’t find that necessary. While there were a lot of people there, once I got on the CH loop, I enjoyed mostly solitude passing only an occasional skier going the other direction.

M 1/31 Dan S.
Today was my first time skiing in ASP. I skied on two trails, Chirstian and Sweetwater and found them to be in great shape. I could see that an inch of powder had fallen the night before but others had already packed it down making it a great day of skiing.

With this storm coming, be careful of tree limbs.

M 1/31 Richard A Kendall
1/31 1138AM Skied upper trails, Ridge & Snowsnake. Temp -10 to -8C. Colder weather firmed up skied in tracks. Tracks good to some very good. Used Snowsnake because Patterson tracks were obliterated by repaired groomer not towing any equipment. Upon arrival @ trailhead it appeared that groomer had set some tracks on upper trails.

Tu 2/1 Gary Q
Received 2-4″ new snow. With expected additional snowfall tomorrow track will be set on all trails. Upper trails were tracked 1/31 and general conditions are very good. Next anticipated grooming will be Saturday 2/5.

W 2/2 Gary Q
Alert! – LMC groomer has slid off Patterson trail and is currently stuck. Crews will be out on Friday to remove the unit. Please use caution is skiing this trail. The groomer will be coned off. The trails are extremely icy. Will update on condition of groomer on

W 2/2 A Dickson
Storm did not produce the volume of snow predicted. Some rain yesterday caused a crust to form but did not penetrate the base. Little base was lost. Grooming should be able to create good conditions. However, the Cat is stuck on Patterson and won’t be rescued until Friday. The rescue operation will likely do considerable damage to that trail. With one Scandic inoperable, grooming will be a challenge.

Th 2/3 Mark Lawrence
Park was able to groom course for Sunday’s Loppet as preparations continue for another terrific event. Teams are targeting groomer extraction near the Summit on Patterson on Friday. We anticipate terrific conditions as more snow is expected on Saturday prior to track setting. Thank you Park staff for your time & efforts!

Th 2/3 A Dickson
Thanks, Gary Q, for direct updates to site. Based on conversations with race organizer and Gary’s posts, grooming was done Monday and Wednesday to parts of the trail system. The Scandic has been fixed, the Cat might still be operable once unstuck, and we are on track for a great race weekend.

Th 2/3 Gary Q
Updating situation of stranded LMC- the plan is to remove unit Friday morning. The current belief is that little damage will be done to the trail. Expected Saturday night grooming can continue using the two running Scandic sleds we now have. No grooming will be possible Friday due to the need of sleds and personnel for the extraction of the LMC.

Th 2/3 Baljit Puri
I skied on Sweetwater,Leonard Run and back on Sweetwater.
The tracks looked like they were from grooming a week back. The tracks were reasonably good with powder snow in middle and sides for snow ploughing control. There were icy conditions in some tracks.I am afraid with further grooming with no additional snow fall it might make conditions worse. The soft snow is only about 3 inches and as you hit the poles there is solid ice below.
I generally use cross over between Christian Hollow and Leonard Run. Today the crossover was covered with deep crystalline semi solid snow and I could not ski. The skis would go down. I took the skis off and this made it worse. My ski shoes went down a foot. It took me more than an hour to go over the short crossover.
Suggest rollover the crossover and preferably make tracks. If tracker is still not functional suggest run a snowmobile over the crossover so the snow is compressed.

F 2/4 Gary Q
LMC groomer has been freed and is functional. No damage was done to trail so grooming of all trails will take place tomorrow 2/5 as planned. All should be well for Loppet.

Sa 2/5 Baljit Puri
I skied on Sweetwater and Christian Hollow.The slopes were extremely icy and got worse after freezing rain around 12-30PM. I left the ASP around 3-30PM when it was raining constantly with no snowfall. I wonder how grooming will be done with no snowfall. Hopefully we could get some snow tonight according to forecast. The ski race appears to be in joepardy. The conditions will be really bad.
Many good skiers were falling on Sweetwater first critical slope going clockwise.

M 2/7 Gary Q
No definite plans for grooming as of today. We will wait to see how the weather plays out over the next day or so. If grooming is performed it most likely be Thursday or Friday. Will update later in week.

Tu 2/8 A Dickson
Received about 6″ at the summit yesterday and last night. Icy conditions from the 2/6 Loppet are now buried. Grooming will take place in the next day or two. There is sufficient base across the entire trail system. New track setter got clobbered by icy race grooming but will be repaired Wed AM. Extreme cold and wind next two days. KEEP TRAIL REPORTS COMING!

T 2/8 14 Baljit Puri
Surprisingly we got about 4 to 5 inches of snow on Monday night. I therefore skied today. The conditions were quite good except the tracks made on Sunday were hardly visible. Few skiers made new tracks on Sweetwater only.
It looks grooming is now due. Thursday appears to be appropriate time since grooming on Wednesday will be difficult due to blowing snow.
The moonlight skiing event on Friday augers well.

W 2/9 Jack L.
It has been reported that there was tracking done this a.m. Given the new snow, that should make some decent tracks now.

W 2/9 Brad S
trails were being packed & tracked wed morning, conditions are excellent with good tracks

W 2/9 A Dickson
Trails are being groomed as of 9AM today

W 2/9 Gary Q
All trails tracked 2/9. We will monitor trails and weather to see if additional grooming is necessary on Friday

W 2/9 Baljit Puri
I skied on Sweetwater,Christian Hollow and then took Leonard Run via Crossover. The crossover is in bad shape. It need some grooming.No grooming was done on Crossover.
ASP did a commendable job of grooming the main trails. Ski conditions were excellent.

Th 2/10 Gary Q
To address the grooming of the crossovers- there are reasons that they are not groomed regularly. The new equipment (States and the ANP setters) are drag behind units. The setters cannot be backed up then dragged over those sections. It requires the groomer to make an entire second pass of the trail to be able to hit these sections. Due to time constraints it is just not possible for the crews to groom these every time. We will attempt to have them attend to these more regularly when grooming is being performed on the top trails only.

F 2/11 A Dickson
Tracks were fantastic. 2/9 grooming held up well. Tracks are hard but not icy. There’s a fair amount of tree debris and tons of deer tracks, but one of the best ski days of the year.

F 2/11 Jack L.
Come one, come all! The trails were well tracked yesterday, near ideal conditions.
Staying cold today and tomorrow so tracks should stay solid. Advise getting to the trails early either day before they get too chewed up. If grooming occurs Sat. or Sun a.m. should be excellent conditions throughout the weekend. This may be one of the last weekends with this good conditions. AN party tonight 6-9 at Warming Hut. May be cloudy so bring headlamps or we can share.

F 2/11 Mike M
2/11 friday. Skied all trails except s snake. All trails in perfect shape. Perfect day 10 out of 10 with clear blue sky! tracks great on all. Conditions very fast. Many deer prints all over back side of leonard.

Sa 2/12 Randy P
Skied Sweetwater, Christian and then out Ridge and up Patterson early this morning. Snowing like hell so tracks were filled in but still great conditions. Thanks to all who put in the effort to keep the trails in shape.

Sa 2/12 A Dickson
Tracks being set late Saturday afternoon.

Tu 2/15 Jack L.
Very good conditions on all upper trails. Single track on Leonard with a tree down on the north side. Should be good tomorrow a.m. before it warms up. Forecast no rain til Friday. May need glide wax to prevent sticking. Today was sunny and warm, like spring skiing in the Rockies.

Sa 2/19 Jack L.
Due to the warm-up, melt and rain the trails are likely quite icy. It has been reported that no grooming will reoccur until we get enough snow. We’ve gotten a couple inches, likely not enough. Supposed to get more tomorrow.

Sa 2/21 Gay Q.
Sorry to report that even with the amount of snow received overnight-no grooming until Tuesday morning. Storm took us by surprise and all staff is concentrating on clearing cabin trails, roads and driveways due to all cabins being booked until today. Crews will be out in morning.

Sa 2/21 Jack L.
Thanks for the update Gary Q. Trails were definitely skiable today, still plenty of time. Single, man-made track but getting skied in. Beautiful sunny day. Saw three deer on Christian, they stopped to check out the guests. Look forward to excellent skiing next couple days. (play hookie!)

W 2/23 A Dickson
We received about 9″ of snow on Monday and trails were groomed Tuesday. There is good base throughout the trail system. Although we are going to warm tomorrow and recrive some rain, another 6-10″ is forecast for Friday. With timely grooming, we may have a great weekend of skiing. KEEP TRAIL REPORTS COMING!

W 2/23 Baljit P
Skied Sweetwater,Leonard Run using crossover and Christian Hollow CW on 02-22-11.I started at 10-45am.At this time Sweetwater & Leonard Run had been groomed.The tracks were quite good except at entrance to the Roscoe CR ski area. For fastidious skiers the tracks appear to be soft with probably some rolling problem. But I believe the tracks should be ok after skiers had packed the trails. Christian Hollow was also groomed by the time I finished LR. The CrossOver was not groomed but I managed to cross over to LR.
While I was skiing towards Summit I came across a lady with four kids walking on the trails. I told her to walk on Stone Tower track.She agreed to go back but stated the sign states “no snow shoeing”.May be the sign should read no walking with any shoes.

Th 2/24 Gary Q
With snow expected late tonight and early morning- groomers will be out sometime tomorrow (Friday 2/25). Cannot pinpoint an exact time but they will groom.
With snow expected late tonight and early morning- groomers will be out sometime tomorrow (Friday 2/25). Cannot pinpoint an exact time but they will groom.

Th 2/24 RAKendall
2/23 Skied upper loops & Ridge-Patterson starting @ 0950-Temp -7 to -1 C. Set tracks best this year. Washout on left track approaching Patterson climb & several soft spots climbing. Rode Super Extra provided good kick & glide.

F 2/25 Gary Q
Trails being rolled only today. Track will be set Saturday A.M

F 2/25 Mike M
Skied upper Loops, Ridge and Patterson. Only a few brave soles out! Received 2-3″ new powder over previously rolled track. Skiing Ridge was like driving down the highway in an old Cadallac! The snow and track was soft and surprisingly fast. Overall a great snowy day! Looking forward to some new set tracks this weekend.
2/25 Friday Skied upper Loops, Ridge and Patterson. Only a few brave soles out! Received 2-3″ new powder over previously rolled track. Skiing Ridge was like driving down the highway in an old Catallac! The snow and track was soft and surprisingly fast. Overall a great snowy day! Looking forward to some new set tracks this weekend.

Sa 2/26 Randy P
Skied SW and CH and then out Ridge and up Patterson. Tracks had just been set and were the best they have been all year. Get out and enjoy! Thanks to the ASP staff!
Skied SW and CH and then out Ridge and up Patterson. Tracks had just been set and were the best they have been all year. Get out and enjoy! Thanks to the ASP staff!

Sa 2/26 Baljit P.
Skied Sweetwater,Christian Hollow and LR thru Cross Over. The Crossover has been nicely rolled over. Many thanks to ASP staff doing a wonderful job.

The tracks were excellent but with large number of skiers, it is starting to get slick on tracks. We are expecting 2 to 3 inches of snow tonight which will help. Probably tomorrow will be the last time we can ski this season. Monday will be in fifties with heavy rain.
Enjoy the last day.

Su 2/27 Dan S.
Skied all loops including Snowsnake 2/26. Great snow. Great grooming. Great weather. With VR45 able to stride up even Snowsnake’s hills with minimal herringbone. Thanks to groomers. Good job knowing where to leave the tracks out on the steeper descents on SS. Nice to be able to count on good grooming when the snow is present.
Skied all loops including Snowsnake 2/26. Great snow. Great grooming. Great weather. With VR45 able to stride up even Snowsnake’s hills with minimal herringbone. Thanks to groomers. Good job knowing where to leave the tracks out on the steeper descents on SS. Nice to be able to count on good grooming when the snow is present.

Tu 3/1 Larry S.
Gary Q and the rest of the ASP gang,
Skied all the loops Saturday 2/26 and it was one of my top 5 times skiing at the park! Great job!! Hope we can squeeze another week or two in.

Th 3/2 Louis P
I’m a casual nordic skier. Saturday was my first time at Art Roscoe. It was Nordic Nirvana. I feel very fortunate to have experienced such extraordinary conditions. The trails and conditions were the best I’ve ever skied on. Unfortunately, it looks like the season is pretty much over. I am so looking forward to next winter. In the meantime, I hope to have the opportunity to ride my mountain bike on the trails this summer to become more familiar with the terrain. I skied on Sweetwater and Christian Hollow. I heard Leonard Run was nice. I’d like to find out how challenging Ridge Run and Patterson are. I think Snowsnake is probably beyond my skill set. Art Roscoe is the best!

Tu 3/2 A Dickson
I stopped by the trailhead today. Wan Lee was just coming off the trail for a snack (1500 miles YTD!) and gave me his impressions of conditions. The base has held up after our early-week thaw and rain event. The base is hard and transformed, but did not appear icy. Track impressions still remain. A dusting of new snow will reduce the speed of the tracks somewhat. I walked to the Fire Tower split and the trails look very skiable but fast. Caution is advised. Might be klister conditions on Wednesday 3/3.

Th 3/3 A Dickson
Skied 22 mi. today. Tracks were fast and hard; no blue ice but definitely not for the faint of heart. It was great double-poling. Snowsnake was great. Used blue klister and it worked like a charm. There were 2-3 washouts, a couple in inopportune spots at the bottom of fast downhills. Wan Lee and I had the trials to ourselves.

F 3/4 Mike M
Started skiing AM conditions mostly ice, but by early afternoon snow softened and conditions slowed to a safer pace! Violet klister worked well. Met up with Wan Lee plugging along toward mile 1 million for the season. Tracks were very shallow but still there. Sweet W. and Christian H.not as good as Leonard. Ridge and Patterson very good except for 3 or 4 washouts. Did not have to take skies off but some spots getting close. Becareful at the bottom of Patterson. Overall there is a ton of snow maybe 12-16″ compacted base and skiing should be good even with the warm up. Good spring skiing should continue through the weekend. Enjoy!

Su 3/6 Jack L.
Any chance of tracks tomorrow?

Su 3/6 Larry S
Went skiing yesterday, 3/5 – skied all the loops. Had to wear a rain coat, but skiing was definetely do-able. For wet snow, the skiing was good. A few significant washouts on Patterson, but nothing requiring ski removal. If the weather forcast holds for the week, there will definitely be skiing again next weekend – the 12+ inch base remains.
Went skiing yesterday, 3/5 – skied all the loops. Had to wear a rain coat, but skiing was definetely do-able. For wet snow, the skiing was good. A few significant washouts on Patterson, but nothing requiring ski removal. If the weather forcast holds for the week, there will definitely be skiing again next weekend – the 12+ inch base remains.

M 3/7 Gary Q
Groomers are going out today (3/7) to make a pass on upper trails. Just to warn you all – it most likely will be the last grooming day for the year. Hope you enjoyed the season – but unfortunately we now have to concentrate on other projects.
Groomers are going out today (3/7) to make a pass on upper trails. Just to warn you all – it most likely will be the last grooming day for the year. Hope you enjoyed the season – but unfortunately we now have to concentrate on other projects.

M 3/7 Jack L
Great having excellent tracks today. Went around 5 so was quite slick in spots. Should be decent tomorrow before predicted rain on Wed. (if you didn’t play hookey before, you still have a chance!)
Great having excellent tracks today. Went around 5 so was quite slick in spots. Should be decent tomorrow before predicted rain on Wed. (if you didn’t play hookey before, you still have a chance!)

M 3/7 Dan S.
Today was so beautiful. Blazing sun and clear blue skies. Couldn’t ask for more. I skied on Patterson and Ridge. Neither one was groomed but the snow depth was just right that it wasn’t difficult to cut a new trail. Which I did.

There are at least 5 areas on these trails with water cutting across the track. Three of them I could step over with a little effort, 2 of them I had to walk straight across the gap. There just wasn’t any way around it.

As I came to the end of Ridge, I went down Christian for a rest at the look-out. Well groomed. About 1 hour from sunset.

I would suggest if you’re going to ski, do it tomorrow [Tues] because the rain returns on Wednesday.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better day x/c skiing than today. My timing was perfect.

F 3/1- A. Dickson
Stopped by the trail head and picked up tracksetter. It is in good shape but need some tuning and TLC in the off season. The park has indicated it is done grooming for the season.

Wet snow was falling. There still appears to be sufficient base at the summit.

Su 3/13- Larry S.
Skied the three upper loops, and Ridge and Patterson to the first washouts yesterday – Saturday 3/12. Conditions were very good for spring skiing on ungroomed trails. The park receieved 3 in. of snow Friday night! Plenty of people skied so there are good people tracks to follow now. If you want to get some more skiing in before the end of the season there’s definitely enough snow to go through mid-week.

Tu 3/15- Dave
The three upper loops are still in good shape. A veneer of powder atop frozen granular. Just one very narrow gap on Sweetwater that can be skied across. With luck from St. Pat it could still be skiable Thursday!

W 3/16- Paul K.
Skied the 3 upper loops around 3 p.m. There is still good coverage with the snow depth in the woods between 8″- 14″. Rex OI klister provided great kick but the glide was poor due to the moisture in the snow. Floro would have helped. 37F, fog and mist. Even with the forecast, I believe it will be skiable thru the weekend.

F 3/18- Paul K
Skied the 3 upper loops yesterday afternoon (3/17). No appreciable snow loss from the previous day. 50F, sunshine; perfect spring skiing. Rex OU klister, recommended for extremely wet snow, worked very well. Glide was better than the previous day due to flouro application and deep linear rills. Snow is quite dirty so a little graphite mixed in with glide wax may provide a better glide.

Su 3/20- Steve A
Skied the 3 loops mid-morning as the hard pack and ice were softening. Great coverage on Ridge and Leonard; Sweetwater and Christian thin in the usual places but 2/3rds quite good. I only took off the skis at the Christian overlook and walked down the mostly bare hill. With winter conditions returning later this week, my guess is that at least Ridge and Leonard will still have solid base next weekend.

Th 3/24- Gary F.
Tried to ski the upper trails today, not good, the crust is a near certain face planter if you try to ski through it and impossible to stay on top of. The short skier made trail is an icy boot scratcher for sure.

W 3/30- Jack L.
Waxless. Several had walked on the trail and it was soft in spots, hard and fast in others. That said, it really wasn’t that bad. There is still plenty of snow and more expected the next couple days. If the forecast holds, there could be skiing into April! What a season!!!