Fundraising Campaign- $12,450!

Allegany Nordic’s capital campaign is approaching the 3-year mark and we have received contributions totaling more than most of us thought was possible. We’ve received well over $11,000 in contributions and we have contributed three pieces of grooming equipment for the park and refurbished a couple more. This is no small accomplishment and we can all be proud of this success.

October 2011- ASP staff and Allegany Nordic members stand behind the donated trail roller purchased with campaign proceeds.

Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page to see the list of donors who have given generously.

More than 80 generous contributions got us to this point, many with two and some with three contributions. 15% of the dollar total came from Canada. 40% came from the greater Buffalo area.

Diminishing financial resources and aging equipment remain significant challenges facing the cross country ski program at Allegany State Park.

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season (click on image to view video)

Ten contributors have made compelling statements about why they have donated to the campaign. Click here to view their statements.

Thanks to all those who have made the campaign a success. And to those who have yet to contribute, please come forward with your financial support. Visit the CONTRIBUTE page to learn more about the equipment we hope to purchase and how to make a tax-deductible donation.

06. June 2011 by Allegany Nordic
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  1. ASP’s Art Roscoe trals remain the single most valuable asset to XC skiers and year-round park users and athletes. It is a pleasure working with the Park staff, club members and fellow skiers/trail users as the momentum builds towards maintainence, development and sustainability. A round of applause for the club and the efforts for grant support helping keep key trail sections, grooming and attention to maintainence a key focus we all enjoy. A handful of people help drive the needs assessment and the resutls will be enjoyed by thousands of athletes for years to come. Proud to be a supporter and a proud user of the Trail system at ASP. Thank you Park staff as well for your attention to detail. Looking forward to a snowy season.

  2. We have donated to the fundraising campaign and plan on contributing more this fall. The Art Roscoe trails are what got us both hooked on cross country skiing. Not only is it a healthy sport but it gives us a reason to get outside in the winter. We have not been anywhere that even comes close to these trails and to think its actually free. Any donation would be helpful to this campaign in keeping these trails maintained as well as they have been over the years.

  3. As you are all aware, Allegany State Park is one of the most scenic spots in our region and the cross country ski trails are second to none in the area – truly wide open space and no road or power line crossings to mar your experience. Grooming and proper track-setting of the Art Roscoe trails truly heightens everyone’s skiing experience. It is for this last reason that I support Allegany Nordic with both time on the trails doing maintenance and with financial contributions to the fund raising campaign. Before Allegany Nordic I would drive to the park hoping the trails would be groomed – today I drive to the park wondering how good the grooming will be. This is a HUGE improvement!
    The involvement of Allegany Nordic has resulted in increased time by park staff on the trails and their financial contributions have provided the park with new and better grooming equipment. Result: clear trails and snow that is not only groomed, but groomed with great tracks. One only has to reference this past season to see our donations in action. The large tracked grooming vehicle was unable to groom trails because of inadequate snow and mechanical issues. In prior years this would have meant no grooming or track-setting, however this was not the case! Allegany Nordic’s donated smaller track setter that can be pulled behind a snowmobile allowed grooming of the trails for all of us to enjoy. This smaller track setter was completely made possible by donations made to Allegany Nordic. I really like the cross country skiing at Allegany State Park so I will continue to donate. Will you?

  4. Making a donation to this cause was at the top of my list. It can be too easy to take for granted what is “local,” but the Art Roscoe ski trails are a treasure. When the snow is right, the wax working, and the GROOMING in place, it is nothing less than magic. To the extent you are able, I would suggest considering a donation that totals $10 times the number of visits you normally make in a season. Is there any better bargain out there? Thanks for your support!

  5. I’ve supported and will continue to support the fund raising campaign for a number of reasons. Instead of trying to list the reasons I’ll just say the park and the ski trails give a wonderful place to do the things I enjoy. In the warm months it’s biking, hiking, and participating in 24 hour orienteering events. When the snow flies it’s xc skiing, and I know of no place better to classic ski then ASP. You might think skiing at the park is free but without state funding the park and its staff would not be there. Without donations to the fund raising campaign the grooming equipment would not be as good and without good, frequent grooming the skiing conditions suffer. Make a donation you’ll feel good about it the next time you ski.

  6. Do you ski at Allegany State Park? Do you enjoy skiing on groomed ski trails? I do! That’s why I donated. If you enjoy skiing at ASP on groomed trails, then please donate to this fund raising campaign.

  7. Without a doubt Art Roscoe cross country ski trails are as nice as any trail system anywhere in the US. It is my great pleasure to contribute and support an effort to maintain and improve the ski trails. Twenty miles of double set groomed tracks through mature hardwoods and mountainous terrain are incredible. Thank you for all your time and effort to maintain and improve the winter trail system. I look forward to a better ski season this year!

  8. Allegany State Park is my chapel. Even when Mother Nature does not hear my prayers and the snow is not fresh and miraculously soft and deep, the Park crew does their magic and a day thought to be wasted turns into one to be celebrated. But their magic is our magic, the synergy that emerges when the passion for a sport is blended with the generative giving of one’s time and money. They cannot do it alone, and this is why I will continue to give to this cause until Mother Nature grants me my last graceful passage through her wonderland.

  9. This from Rob Walk:

    I am eighty two years of age & have been xc skiing ever since my eldest daughter spent her senior high school year in Sweden and taught me upon her return in 1975. Allegany is the most gorgeous venue to ski in Western NY & Southern Canada. Unfortunately, the State of New York is in debt, limiting their ability to provide equipment and personnel to properly groom. The volunteers of Allegany Nordic are trying to improve this situation in order to continue a great skiing experience. It can’t be done without skiers assisting in the funding. That is why my wife and I happily donate.

  10. We in Western New York and northwest Pa. are blessed to have such a fantastic cross-country ski venue in our backyard. However, as with many state efforts, the park is subject to both cuts and a variety of priorities. Several of us formed Allegany Nordic to try to help the Park maximize the ski experience at the Roscoe Area. I believe we have accomplished much in the last four years (five?) and have developed an excellent relationship with the folks responsible for the trails.
    One way to continue helping is with equipment and that takes funds. Sue and I contibuted because we realize how lucky we are to have this beautiful ski center so close. We can help to make the experience even better and more consistent by helping AN help the Park. You cannot put a pricetag on a cold winter day when the tracks are perfect. As Andy says, skiing nirvana.
    You can help too. Please contribute to Allegany Nordic.

  11. … I’m at least sending a check for the fundraising campaign. A question that came up: The park has plans for things such as storage near the summit, expanding/renovating the warming hut, etc. My (a skier’s) input for what it’s worth: I think the priority should be making sure there is working trail grooming equipment. The website says the park is NOT going to purchase a new snowmobile, and we MIGHT be able to help out with repairs to the Scandic with donated funds. That doesn’t make me too confident with expecting trails to be groomed consistently. I’ve seen other areas that offer x-c skiing and they make changes for creature comforts, but don’t seem to realize that without the grooming equipment working…there is no skiing. No one’s going to care if the warming hut is renovated or bigger, or if the signage is nice, or if there’s a leanto on the trail, or if there’s food available, or even if the roads are plowed well, if the trails aren’t groomed.

    Groomed trail are what draws the skiers. Salmon Hills in Redfield found out that you can offer lodging, massage, home cooked food, etc., but if you don’t have consistency with the trail grooming, the skiers stop coming…. If I’m responding to a fundraising effort for donations to keep skiing viable, I want to know that my money is going for trail grooming first and foremost. Anything else is just icing on the cake once I’m confident the trails will be groomed when I drive 2 hours to ski in such an awesome area as Allegany State Park. We hope the park continues to do as great a job as last year.

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