Trail Conditions

2/6 Ridge Run tracks

2/6 Ridge Run tracks

Skiers post your trail reports here. Click on the heading above (”Trail Conditions”) or the ”Leave a comment” link below to post your report or read the latest updates. Refer to the 2013-14 Trail Report Archive page for grooming and skier comments earlier this season.

Please try to provide information about base adequacy and quality of tracks.

3/27/14- Park Mgmt
The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have further deteriorated due to warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Trails are extremely icy below a thin blanket of fresh snow. The end of the season is near and no further grooming operations are expected to be completed this season.

27. November 2013 by Allegany Nordic
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2012-’13 Annual Report

(Editor’s Note: This post is based on the content of an email sent 8/4/13 to AN members.)

Allegany Nordic is now about 6 years old and has grown steadily in the last few years. We’ve accomplished a great deal in the way of X-C advocacy and fundraising to the point that it is necessary to take some steps toward ensuring a strong and energetic future. 20081004oThe by-hook-or-by-crook operating procedures used in our formative years suited us well and accomplished much. However, our group and our trails will be better served with more skiers steering the ship.

To this end we held an annual meeting on 5/11with a core group of skiers- Jack Luzier, Chuck Walker, Rob Walk and Jim Whalen. Larry Scherer was with us in spirit. A primary objective of getting the group together was to noodle some better governance and operating procedures and affect a leadership transition. I’m pleased to report that Larry Scherer has agreed to assume the leadership role for Allegany Nordic. He is a truly dedicated skier and very thoughtful person who you have all passed on the trail, whether you recognized him or not. He is a lockport, NY resident and a financial and spiritual contributor to AN. While his distance from the trials may handicap him in his ability to attend meetings with the park, he has excellent organizational skills and can serve well in the visioning and organizing role. Rob Walk agreed to handle donor relations. The summit envelope contribution system that we implemented this year was very successful, so successful that it swamped my administrative responsibilities at the time I wanted to be on the trails. Thankfully, the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation has impeccable records and had passed along names and email addresses of donors for us to add to our records. Jack Luzier has agreed to lead trail work activities. Finally, we agreed to establish bylaws and take our governance and communications up a notch. I will stay involved with the website and equipment.

Here’s a summary of our fundraising activities since we began soliciting contributions in April 2011:

Total contributions*                 $9,740
Equipment purchases**           $4,161
CRCF account balance***       $5,378
* $1,690 raised this winter through trail-side contribution envelopes
** Roller and 2 grooming implements
*** Net of gains/losses and CRCF fees

I’m extremely gratified by the success of our fundraising and the generosity expressed by skiers and others who recognize the Art Roscoe Trails as a wonderful resource worth preserving. In particular, I’m impressed with the level of our success given the relatively low level of development work. I have no doubt there remains tremendous opportunities for additional support of equipment purchases for the trails. Fundraising is a primary reason that Allegany Nordic needs to transition to greater levels of organization and volunteerism.

BALANCE SHEET a/o 8/4/13
Checking account                               $743.51
Shirts & hats                                       $480.00
Liabilities- 5 yr. URL renewal           $120.00

We have very little overhead (internet) and money in the checking account but need to sell hats/shirts.


The website continues to show increased visitation with a peak of 2,337 unique visitors in January ’13. I’m going to try to do a better job giving skiers the ability to post images and videos. I also need to get social media ramped up.

We had a much better season than the previous year. Skiing began around Christmas and went through early April with the last groom on 3/28. We had our usual late January thaw that decimated the base but the Art Roscoe Loppet was still able to take place the next week on the upper loops. Despite very limited resources and Chad’s bad leg break, park personnel were able to groom on a regular basis with few missed opportunities. I hope to debrief with park personnel in the days ahead, as well as look at equipment needs for the upcoming season.

Art Roscoe’s daughter, Joyce Roscoe Sheffield, and her son, Mick Sheffield

Art Roscoe’s daughter, Joyce Roscoe Sheffield, and her son, Mick Sheffield

I met Art Roscoe’s daughter, Joyce Roscoe Sheffield, and her son, Mick Sheffield, at the Art Roscoe Loppet in February. They have made generous financial contributions to AN and are grateful for the stewardship we have rendered. It was a very heartwarming meeting. I may be visiting him in Kinnebunkport, ME in September… more to follow when I get back.

At the Allegany State Park Historical Society in January I met Hugh Dunne, retired Park Superintendent, who built much of the trail system with the help of Daniel Pihlbald. He is a current park advisory board member and Salamanca resident. I hope to videotape an interview of Hugh for archival purposes sometime in the next year. If anyone has the equipment and production skills to make this happen, I’d be grateful for your help.

We need to get out on the trail for reconnaissance and light work. We expect the park will be finishing work begun last year on culverts and renovations. The wet spring undoubtedly was a challenge for completing the work and hopefully did not damage the trails.

WNYMBA is building single track mountain bike trails off the Art Roscoe Trails. I’m not sure of the status of the new trails but I’m making an inquiry as I write: WNYMBA map

Widening our volunteer base is imperative. Here’s a list of some specific areas where we need help:
Grant-research and writing
Summit hats/shirts sales fundraising & development
Social and event organization
Steering committee/board members
Last, but not least…. grooming equipment is barely adequate and our resources very thin… fundraising will be an important thrust for Allegany Nordic going forward.
Photography & videography
Youth development?
Please email if you can help in any of these areas of ones I haven’t mentioned.

We have accomplished much since we organized. Many people have stepped forward with financial contributions, trail work and other support. We have 160 individuals in our email list. We’ve realized improvements in grooming and trail conditions and the park has stepped up its attention to the trails. There’s more to be done but cross-country skiing is something we all love. Let’s make it all it can be.

Thanks for your continued support. Stay well and I look forward to seeing you all on the trails.

21. August 2013 by Allegany Nordic
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Art Roscoe Ski-Touring Area dedication

A lumberjack at heart, Art chose to cut the ribbon in a manner fitting of his background.

A lumberjack at heart, Art chose to cut the ribbon in a manner fitting of his background.

Art Roscoe’s grandson, Mick Sheffield, recently passed along some wonderful memorabilia and historical information about his grandfather and our beloved ski trails. Mick also provided me a copy of the Art Roscoe Ski-Touring Area dedication ceremony program which contains not only valuable historical information about the ceremony, but information about the trails and their construction.

Visit the Trail History page learn all the details about the trail construction and download a PDF file containing the scanned document.

14. August 2013 by Allegany Nordic
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Fundraising Campaign- $11,200!

Allegany Nordic’s capital campaign is approaching the 3-year mark and we have received contributions totaling more than most of us thought was possible. We’ve received well over $11,000 in contributions and we have contributed three pieces of grooming equipment for the park and refurbished a couple more. This is no small accomplishment and we can all be proud of this success.

October 2011- ASP staff and Allegany Nordic members stand behind the donated trail roller purchased with campaign proceeds.

Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page to see the list of donors who have given generously.

More than 80 generous contributions got us to this point, many with two and some with three contributions. 15% of the dollar total came from Canada. 40% came from the greater Buffalo area.

Diminishing financial resources and aging equipment remain significant challenges facing the cross country ski program at Allegany State Park.

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season (click on image to view video)

Ten contributors have made compelling statements about why they have donated to the campaign. Click here to view their statements.

Thanks to all those who have made the campaign a success. And to those who have yet to contribute, please come forward with your financial support. Visit the CONTRIBUTE page to learn more about the equipment we hope to purchase and how to make a tax-deductible donation.

06. June 2011 by Allegany Nordic
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