Trail Conditions

Post your trail reports here. Click on the heading above (”Trail Conditions”) or the ”Leave a comment” link below to post your report. Please include date, description of track quality, base adequacy, fast/slow snow, trails skied, etc. 

1/16 ASP Update- The Art Roscoe Ski Trails received an additional inch of snow overnight.  All trails have excellent coverage and conditions seem to be getting better and better, this is great news for the upcoming long weekend.  Park staff is on the trail system now rolling with the LMC Groomer and track setter.

1/23 ASP Update- The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have not received any additional measurable snow since 1/16/2015.  Park staff performed limited grooming earlier this week while performing trail maintenance.  Park staff is currently on the trail system now with the LMC and double track setter.  Although there is very little base conditions are surprisingly good.  Come to Allegany State Park and enjoy the fresh tracks!
The Summit Warming hut is now open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM every day. 

1/25 Bjorn- Trails yesterday were in fair condition. Cat has compacted minimal base so hard that old tracks weren’t renovated on last groom, especially on Ridge. Lots of washboard bumps. Trails badly need renovating. Extremely hard, fast, shallow and sometimes multiple tracks that divert skis make for dangerous downhills for beginners and intermediate skiers.

1/27 ASP Update- The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have received an additional 3 inches of snow since yesterday morning.  Park staff is preparing to get onto the trail system now with intentions to groom at least the upper trails.  Staff will use the LMC groomer, with roller and double track setter.  If staff has adequate time they may groom the lower trails as well.  The NWS is predicting a snow event for Thursday of this week, we are anxiously awaiting additional snow for the scheduled Friday grooming operations.
The Summit Warming hut is now open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM every day.  

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Work Day Horse Power

1025141344aThe 10/25 work day and pot luck was a huge success/ Crews cleaned and cut back all trails but Snow Snake. The Christian Hollow snow fence was also re-set.

And the chili selection at the pot-luck was of gormet proportions!

Remember to thank the gritty skiers that help keep the trails clear.

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Fundraising Campaign- $12,450!

Allegany Nordic’s capital campaign is approaching the 3-year mark and we have received contributions totaling more than most of us thought was possible. We’ve received well over $11,000 in contributions and we have contributed three pieces of grooming equipment for the park and refurbished a couple more. This is no small accomplishment and we can all be proud of this success.

October 2011- ASP staff and Allegany Nordic members stand behind the donated trail roller purchased with campaign proceeds.

Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page to see the list of donors who have given generously.

More than 80 generous contributions got us to this point, many with two and some with three contributions. 15% of the dollar total came from Canada. 40% came from the greater Buffalo area.

Diminishing financial resources and aging equipment remain significant challenges facing the cross country ski program at Allegany State Park.

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season (click on image to view video)

Ten contributors have made compelling statements about why they have donated to the campaign. Click here to view their statements.

Thanks to all those who have made the campaign a success. And to those who have yet to contribute, please come forward with your financial support. Visit the CONTRIBUTE page to learn more about the equipment we hope to purchase and how to make a tax-deductible donation.

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