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Post your trail reports here. Click on the heading above (”Trail Conditions”) or the ”Leave a comment” link below to post your report. Please include date, description of track quality, base adequacy, fast/slow snow, trails skied, etc. 

ASP Update 3/17- The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have received no additional snow in almost a week.  The base on the trail system is holding up very well despite the spring weather.  Park staff was on the trail system yesterday removing downed trees and setting track.  Conditions are spring like and unless we get additional snow we do not expect to resume a regular grooming schedule for the foreseeable future. 

Bjorn 3/17- Freeze-thaw cycles will make trails extremely hard and fast mornings next few days. Novices advised to wait for afternoon thaws. Ski patrol coverage mid week will be spotty. Ski with a friend and cell phone. Adventurous might try klister and parachute.

Bjorn 3/18- Confirmed… Early morning conditions are TREACHEROUS. Klister scraped off in 10 minutes.

Bjorn 3/20- Received skier post indicating trails have been closed but do not have confirmation from park to that effect.

Bjorn 3/21- Appears trails not closed, see 3/19 post for latest skier report.

ASP Update- 3/26 The Art Roscoe Ski Trails have received no additional snow in over two weeks.  All regularly scheduled grooming operations for this season have ceased.  Conditions on the trails are spring like, good coverage in some areas and bare spots in other areas.  Ski at your own risk you will encounter ice, mud, water, branches,  and sticks.  The warming hut will only be open weekends from now until 4/5/15. 
Thank you for a great season this is the final ski report for this season.  
Ski Rentals are now available at the Red House Gift Shop in the Administration Building. 
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Work Day Horse Power

1025141344aThe 10/25 work day and pot luck was a huge success/ Crews cleaned and cut back all trails but Snow Snake. The Christian Hollow snow fence was also re-set.

And the chili selection at the pot-luck was of gormet proportions!

Remember to thank the gritty skiers that help keep the trails clear.

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Fundraising Campaign- $12,450!

Allegany Nordic’s capital campaign is approaching the 3-year mark and we have received contributions totaling more than most of us thought was possible. We’ve received well over $11,000 in contributions and we have contributed three pieces of grooming equipment for the park and refurbished a couple more. This is no small accomplishment and we can all be proud of this success.

October 2011- ASP staff and Allegany Nordic members stand behind the donated trail roller purchased with campaign proceeds.

Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page to see the list of donors who have given generously.

More than 80 generous contributions got us to this point, many with two and some with three contributions. 15% of the dollar total came from Canada. 40% came from the greater Buffalo area.

Diminishing financial resources and aging equipment remain significant challenges facing the cross country ski program at Allegany State Park.

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season

Single tracksetter put into service during the 2012-13 season (click on image to view video)

Ten contributors have made compelling statements about why they have donated to the campaign. Click here to view their statements.

Thanks to all those who have made the campaign a success. And to those who have yet to contribute, please come forward with your financial support. Visit the CONTRIBUTE page to learn more about the equipment we hope to purchase and how to make a tax-deductible donation.

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Lost & Found

Post here to report lost or located items.

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