About Us & Contact Info

Allegany Nordic began in 2006 as an association of skiers of the Art Roscoe Trails who are organized to improve the skiing experience on the finest double-track trail system in the twin tiers of western New York and Pennsylvania. Our active members include professional women and men from such places as Ridgeway CAN, Buffalo NY, Edinboro PA, Olean, Cuba, Bradford, Salamanca, Fredonia, Jamestown and many places in between. We have forged an excellent relationship with Allegany State Park management and advanced our objectives considerably in our brief existence.

Since its inception Allegany Nordic has: organized numerous trail workdays to address trail drainage and vegetation cutbacks; sponsored group ski lessons, wax clinics and ski swaps; advocated for better grooming and equipment; secured grant funding; lobbied legislators; inventoried and mapped trail culverts (60+); and networked through health, leisure and other channels.

Mailing Address:
Allegany Nordic
PO Box 206
Olean, NY 14760

Contact email:
jdom226 at symbol msn.com