Monday, March 2, 2020. Another Thaw. But, the Loppet was Great!

Mother Nature and Allegany State Park collaborated to give us great conditions last weekend, and the Art Roscoe Loppet was a resounding success.  By Sunday afternoon temps were rising and we are again having a major thaw.  The season was marked by repeated cycles of freeze/thaw, and the lower trails were never more than passable, but ASP did a great job establishing and maintaining base on the upper trails and we had several weekends of good skiing.

The climate scientists tell us that the new normal is that there will be no normal, so we can hope that in future there will be XC skiing here at least some years.  That is as close to optimism as I can manage.

02. March 2020 by Allen Knowles
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  1. I went out this afternoon and hooked up enough skiable snow for 3 miles. A spring tee shirt ski. The lower sections of the loops are gone but Ridge is doable at least to Leonard.

  2. We gave it a try this afternoon but it was still too hard. It will have to be in the 40’s for a couple of hours to be fun. There is still a lot of snow so it will be good when it warms up. It would be good if they groomed too.

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  4. Pretty firm before 11:00 but nice spring skiing after that. A few bare spots but not bad.

  5. I skied the 3 upper loops this AM and followed the groomer around all the way. The skiing is good to very good with some bare spots starting show. They certainly don’t spoil the skiing. A beautiful day of XC’ing.

  6. Trails are in great condition. Soft fine grained snow. Excellent skiing.

  7. 3/7/21 upper trails in good condition. not icy

  8. 2 days of grooming and the skiing is very good. The track isn’t very deep in some places but great coverage. I did Leonard, Christian, Patterson and Ridge and they were all very good.

  9. Trails are reopened!

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  11. There was a closed sign but there were quite a few skiers enjoying the fresh snow. We did Christian and Sweerwater and they are very good. The new snow needs groomed in to bring it back, there is plenty of snow.

  12. It is very hard but skiable. Beginner/intermediate skiers may have a problem on the downhills. Nothing was groomed this afternoon, but it will be good when they do. Lots of snow.

  13. I just finished the 3 upper loops and they are very good. They were groomed this morning, the only thing is the tracks aren’t very deep. The snow is loosened up and it’s not icy. Another beautiful ski day!

  14. 2/26 a.m. Park tracked this a.m. Very slick. Some shallow tracks. Will change this afternoon with warm up. Use caution.

  15. 02/25/2021 track set but hard and icy. Tree branch across trail on back side of sweet water (going clockwise). If we don’t get 1 or 2 inches of snow trail maintainer should use ginzo groomer to break up hard pack before setting tracks.

  16. We tried going out but it was not groomed by 11:00 and it was harder than woodpecker lips. Concerned about the downhills. Should be good when they groom.

  17. We followed the groomer around Leonard & Christian. Perfect! Another few inches of fresh and the skiing remains outstanding.

  18. We did Snowsnake and Patterson and they were great. Not freshly groomed but the track was very good with 3-4” of fresh snow. An extremely beautiful day in the woods!

  19. Not groomed today but conditions are excellent.

  20. I did a tour in Sugar Run Allegany National Forest yesterday. The water is way down and the skiing is excellent along the edge. I skinned up and came down through open woods but the snow was heavy and difficult for turning. It is a beautiful place, and the North Country trail parking and boat launch are plowed.

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