Monday, March 2, 2020. Another Thaw. But, the Loppet was Great!

Mother Nature and Allegany State Park collaborated to give us great conditions last weekend, and the Art Roscoe Loppet was a resounding success.  By Sunday afternoon temps were rising and we are again having a major thaw.  The season was marked by repeated cycles of freeze/thaw, and the lower trails were never more than passable, but ASP did a great job establishing and maintaining base on the upper trails and we had several weekends of good skiing.

The climate scientists tell us that the new normal is that there will be no normal, so we can hope that in future there will be XC skiing here at least some years.  That is as close to optimism as I can manage.

02. March 2020 by Allen Knowles
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  1. Snow is very good, drier than yesterday’s grippy surface. Coverage is very good everywhere. But, they drove around and tracked the entire area! This is ruining the skiing. It needs to be groomed out. I did Leonard & Christian, be very careful on the down hill turns.
    Violet wax worked well.

  2. We did Ridge to the turn, not down to the bottom, and it is very good with 2”-3” of fresh. The trails had gotten pretty ski packed. The snow is damp, packy, so it would groom in nicely. Level out the utility vehicle tracks that are on all the trails. Hopefully this storm will give us even better skiing.

  3. Conditions are still very good. The base has set up more but there is still fresh on top of it. I did Leonard & Christian with no problems. No one was just all morning!

  4. The only way it could have been better is if there was a track. Time to enjoy it!

  5. only a few survived.

  6. We were pleasantly surprised with the conditions today! The base has held up very well and there is a few inches of new heavy damp snow on top. We did Leonard and there were only 2 spots that had washed out and they could be easily gotten around. Very good conditions over all, well worth doing.

  7. bride, Julie d’Angenne.

  8. The trails are groomed but no track set. I skied yesterday and the wet snow underneath was frozen hard where groomed. There was 3”-4” of fresh fluff on top that made it good, on the old adjectival scale of poor, good, very good and excellent. The lower sections of the loops are washed out. As a friend says it’s better than in June! The warming hut is open.

  9. Was at the park to hike today and there were four cars in the summit lot and it looked like a decent set of tracks heading out Ridge from a few skiers. Only about 5-6″ of snow and no grooming yet, but looks usable at this point if you want to get a jump on things.

  10. Perfect snow yesterday all over. Cold fine grain and dry. There is a skiers track everywhere and well packed on Sweet Water. No machine grooming.

  11. Great ski weather today lots of snow well over 12 inches on the ground and staying in the 20’s not sure about any grooming? Warmer weather tomorrow.

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  13. One more thing. The tracks are about gone so better for light touring gear.

  14. We did Sweet Water and out Ridge to the turns. Very good coverage, packed granular some ice spots but not bad. The great grooming is paying off now as we should have skiing for a while now. Well worth a try. Probably klister would be required.

  15. Amazingly good conditions this morning on Christian and Sweetwater. Only the one spring seep on Christian we had to get around. Still a lot of base there that was just starting to soften up. Should still be enough for decent skiing again tomorrow AM if you can make it!

    As Allen said, these last two winters have been tough for skiing, but if you could run out when conditions were good, it was far better than we had a few years ago where I think I only got to ski about 3 or 4 days and instead trout fished a bunch more than that! Think it was only three winters ago when we still had skiing into early April, so if you don’t need perfection in your ski conditions, we probably have a few more years before you need to sell the skis.

  16. The summit trails made for wonderful skiing today. Sweetwater is in good shape, and Christian Hollow and Leonard Run each have one wet spot but otherwise are smooth skiing. Enjoy the trails this weekend!

  17. I agree with Matt. Checking my training logs, in the past 5 years rollerskiing hours have been 2-3 times more than snow skiing. Living almost two hours from ASP and having low traffic roads right out my door, combined with the inconsistent snow base are factors. Having this website, and the great grooming by ASP certainly maximizes the time I do get to snow ski. Thanks again to ASP for prioritizing grooming when the snow finally comes.

  18. Roller skiing is the future. With some nordic skiing now and then as available.

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