See the comment by Dan S. yesterday.  This morning trails were hard and fast and showing a lot of use from the weekend.  I also experienced the annoying effects from the people who hiked the tracks on Sweetwater.   Warming temps should give no-wax conditions this afternoon.  The base should survive the coming thaw, but then will need some more snow to get back to something decent.  Lower Ridge/Patterson and lower Snowsnake lack adequate base.

Leave a comment to report what you find if you venture out on the trails this week.  For the latest reports, click on comments.

13. February 2020 by Allen Knowles
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  1. Three upper loops, and Ridge out to the descent, for the most part, in good shape today. 34F, glazed track, but decent grip with softer wax or waxless or skin skis. Unfortunately, 2 people decided to walk the whole Sweetwater loop despite the sign asking people not to. I would like to think they were picking up debris from the ice/snow falling off trees, but the fact they walked the entire loop directly in the set tracks and the beer bottles they left makes me think they are…putting it nicely…ignorant.

  2. Lower part of ridge runner had some frozen muddy spots but still good lower snow snake was a little worse . I skied snow snake from the bottom and the bad spots were not a problem coming from the top down would be tougher

  3. 2/13/20 Thursday upper trail tracked and as artic cat would say purrrfect! Friday will need blue range wax .

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