Thanks to Dan and Jack for letting us know there is still skiing at ASP.  I got out there today.  ASP groomed the couple of inches of new snowfall over the hard and fast base, and then another inch or so of snow sifted down.  Conditions were good on the three upper loops.  I have no info on Ridge-Patterson and Snowsnake.  The snow is fast but there is enough loose snow for control.  There are not many leaves or other debris in the tracks.  The current forecast looks good for tomorrow and Wednesday AM.  Leave a comment for what conditions you find going forward.   -Allen

18. February 2019 by Allen Knowles
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  2. We have a recent update on the trails from the Park that we wish to share. And, there still might be a little spring, patch to patch, skiing left out there.

    The trails have not been tracked for several days due to lack of snow. The trails are overall icy and conditions vary as temperatures fluctuate. No grooming operations can occur at this time due to the spring-like weather. Temperatures are expected to rise the rest of the week which will most likely cause the trails to further deteriorate. Limited snowfall is expected for the weekend.

  3. Great day on the trails. Klister or waxless would be best for sure, VR45 didn’t work. Very fast, downhill on Ridge was trecherous. Thanks park staff for great grooming and trail work this season!

  4. Conditions were great on Christian and Sweetwater late morning today just before it got up to freezing. Park staff had just finished grooming those two trails and moved to Leonard. Very good tracks. Skiing should still be very good tomorrow AM early, then maybe later afternoon after it gets up above freezing a bit. Get out before it rains tomorrow night!

  5. Park staff groomed again today! Wow. Conditions on Ridge, and Patterson are excellent. Thank you park staff!

  6. Trails were groomed yesterday (Monday) and are in excellent shape and like last year this time, the park will have some of the best skiing of the year for the next several days at least. A couple inches of new snow had fallen Sunday night and with the existing base have turned into solid tracks that are quite hard for the most part.

  7. Excellent conditions on Ridge, Christian and Leonard this morning, just a bit of snow sticking on my no-wax as the temp got up toward 32. Full coverage, no leaves in the tracks and only a few sticks to move. Conditions should be very good tomorrow through the upcoming week!

  8. 2/28 4 pm. All trails rolled, tracked and beautiful.. Conditions were excellent on Ridge and Patterson. Fresh tracks are a little slow but truly beautiful, so pristine. More skiers would make it even better. Forecast looks good for a while. Too bad the Loppet wasn’t this weekend.

  9. Park appears to have groomed all trails and the conditions on Sweetwater this mid-afternoon were really good. No ice, full coverage and pretty firm tracks. Not quite warm enough for the sun to make it sticky today. Should be real good tomorrow and Saturday mornings!

  10. regarding snow, art roscoe is in great shape . . . about 5-7″ over the last two days but it dropped on a bulletproof base so the skiing everywhere on trails high and low was super sweet . . . when we drove out of there at 5 pm 2/27/19 it was in a blizzard slamming more pow into the system . . . heads up to those interested in the first new ski trail at art roscoe in at least 30 years (last new one? snowsnake) which would be the trail designated as ‘ungroomed/single track) and called old thunder run. my strong skiing buddy and I hacked our way through a trail that wasn’t helped by the recent super windstorm . . . lots of blowdowns and hard to keep track of the trail . . . be advised! the trail follows the mtb diamond trail signs nailed to the trees . . . do not rely on the yellow paint markers or the hunters/surveyors tape . . . this trail is in it’s infancy and will be better each year but right now, proceed with caution . . . other than that all the trails were ungroomed but beautiful to ski with fluffly pow owning all the trails . . .

  11. Thanks, Jack, for report. Did you mean 1 inch of snow thankfully slowed icy tracks, or 1 inch of snow slowed an otherwise great 4-inch snow base? Living 2 hours away from ASP makes it difficult to know how much snow has actually fallen at the park or how much windblown debris exists. Thanks.

  12. 2/26 2 p.m. Upper trails tracked yesterday, lower trails rolled.
    An inch of fresh snow softened and slowed tracks but still very good. Needs more people to ski. Some tracks had not been skied.
    Supposed to get more snow tomorrow. With tracking, it should all be good. Enjoy!

  13. Skied Ridge and Christian loop late afternoon on Tuesday. Pretty good conditions. Not much ice, plenty of snow for control on hills. Sounds like if you get out the first half of tomorrow it will be good. If we get lucky, enough of the base may survive this week to have something for next week if we get new snow. Enjoy it when you can get out!

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