I am home for a long weekend and skied Ridge-Patterson Friday, Feb. 1.  ASP was out grooming the old snow.   The snow is fast and hard; tracks are shallow.  The base covers the ground except for some spots in low areas in the saddle between the hairpin and the shelter, and near the Ridge-Patterson junction.  There are oak and beech leaves in the tracks that made the kick wax grab unpredictably.  Looking at the weather forecast, I expect this weekend to remain ski-able.  I plan to switch to no-wax Saturday, both because of the leaves in the tracks, and the rising temperatures.

Please add comments to this post to report what conditions you find as we go forward into another predicted thaw.  -Allen

02. February 2019 by Allen Knowles
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  1. 3/72019 Thursday 4 inches new snow over day old track. Excellent conditions ! Park should lay new track tomorrow.

  2. xc-skiing factoid: some of the highest VO2 Max ever recorded involve xc skiers: Bjorn Daehlie recorded a 96 ml/kg/min. The average untrained male has a VO2 max of 45ml/kg/min.

  3. 3/2/2019 11 am all trails tracked and as Nordic cat says purr-fect!

  4. 2/28/2019 3pm 22 degrees all trails tracked and conditions perfect

  5. 2/17, 11-noon. Slick and fast. Waxless were flyin’. Should stay, absent a big rain. Supposed to get snow tonite.

  6. I would be curious as to how well the ginzu groomer would handle this frozen snow mixture. I’ve seen it turn icy track into useable track.

  7. any reports on what conditions are like today (2/16)? I’m thinking about going tomorrow.

  8. 2/14 Park tracked all trails. powdered snow got wet when tracked so you need a wet friction glide wax. If your waxing you need klister. otherwise beautiful!

  9. Ditto gratitude to Alan. Switched to waxless and very happy we did.
    It’s slick enough that the waxless were fast. Waxable today would have been a beach. Leonard was great.

  10. Thanks Alan, for your comment yesterday. I was going to use my waxable skis today but switched to my twin skins after reading your comment. The beech leaves were a nuisance even with the no wax twin skins. Conditions this morning on Christian Hollow and Leonard Run were hard packed snow and fast. There is an icy spot on Leonard Run where a stream runs under the trail.

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