We have had a foot of snow or thereabouts at my house, so there should be plenty of snow on the ASP trails.  I am hoping for grooming, but it is Sunday, so we will see.  Add a comment to this post to report what conditions you find!

20. January 2019 by Allen Knowles
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  1. Sat. Feb 2 excellent skiing on all trails (did not do snow snake) I used rex blue glide wax and swix purple for kick

  2. Does anybody have first hand information regarding the 8-mile Thunder Run single track trail as to its signage and BC skiing potential?

  3. Trails as of Monday were in good shape, all things considered, especially factoring in things like recent use, base depth and temps. Wet areas were starting to ice over but the system is still very skiable. The snow temp was quite warm on the most recent track setting, and the tracks haven’t really hardened up.

  4. 1/28 late afternoon. Tracks on the upper loops took a beating from the traffic yesterday, but Ridge past Leonard out to the big downhill had hardly been skied this late afternoon and it was very good! Some new snow tomorrow and fresh grooming should have it good for the rest of the week.

  5. Sunday the park did a great job with the few inches of early morning snow over an icy base. Skiing was great and the snow-laden trees scenery just added to the enjoyment. The park may need to consider making a LARGE sign at the trailhead stating “no walking, no snowshoeing when snow present” or some such verbiage, as hikers/snowshoers we spoke to heading onto the trails stated they did not see any signs against it, despite it being on the fence rail at the summit and in, admittedly, small printing in the hut. Maybe also need to consider “no mt/fat biking” as that could become an issue if riders are not affiliated with the main cycling groups that understand how fat biking ruins the trails for the skiers once the track has been set.

  6. LMC Ginsu grooming began around 10 after all the park plowing was done. Only occasional trouble spots that are easily avoided. Thanks Tom, John, Chad, Pat et al for making lemonade out a lemon ski season.

  7. Does anybody have a report for the lower trails – Ridge, Patterson, Snow Snake?

  8. 1/26 1 p.m. All upper trails with very good snow. One bad spot on Leonard. The track on Sweetwater, early clockwise, was chewed up by snowshoers. More snow and another tracking will help.

  9. 1/24 1 inch new snow. others before me tracked trail. no ice great snow! tree down on sweet H2O near junction of Christian. If Park tracked Friday conditions would be perfect.

  10. Christian Hollow loop today was nice 24 deg. when Salamanca was 29 deg. Only a couple slushy spots on the main trail other than that smooth gliding.

  11. Park staff did a great job! Tracks perfect on all 4 loops of the 22K course. Thank you for supplying us with a great experience. Hopefully more snow after tomorrow’s rain ices the trails.

  12. All park trails are groomed and tracked, on Monday Ridge and Snowsnake were done. Tracks were in excellent condition. Upper trails were hard and relatively fast for such a cold day. The Ridge to Patterson was a bit soft and slower but equally well tracked. Trail use was moderate and even Sweetwater’s tracks were still in excellent shape as of 3:00 PM.

  13. Upper loops were all very good this afternoon. Ridge going out past Leonard had kind of soft tracks. Should be real good the next couple days. Fair number of people out today.

  14. Allegany State Park posted that they rolled and tracked all trails today. Conditions are excellent. Dress for wind chills below 0.

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