Hi all.  As we head into the winter of 2018-2019, comments on trail conditions can be added to this post.

13. November 2018 by Allen Knowles
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  1. Saturday 12/1 AM. Conditions about as Allen mentioned. We skied Leonard and the snowmobile track made a decent base. Did not ski Sweetwater, but looked like a decent track set at both ends. Earliest I think I have ever skied the park. May be pretty spotty after the upcoming rain and warm up.

  2. There is about a foot of snow on the trails. The park ran snowmobiles out and around Leonard and cleared fallen trees, which gives a somewhat packed base to ski on. Lower Leonard has some wet spots that take a bit of care to get around, but I did not have to take my skis off and did not ice up. Skiers have broken track on Sweetwater and heading out Ridge past the distal Leonard/Ridge junction, but I have not been on those sections yet. Several skiers were out. I did not see any hunters.

  3. The snow was white and wonderful today on Black Friday but the main trail was all rutted up from a side by side. If you stay out of the ruts (impossible) you will glide good with a solid base. The side by side didn’t go down the Christian hollow loop that still has virgin snow.

  4. We did the Sweetwater loop this morning and it was very good. Ours were the first tracks but there was no wet or thin spots. Even though there is no base the snow is dense enough that you don’t sink in.

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