Wednesday, March 14: ASP Reports Good Conditions on Upper Trails

ASP’s FB post reports new snow and fresh grooming and track setting in progress on upper trails, with work on lower trails to follow.  Warming Hut is open.

14. March 2018 by Allen Knowles
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  2. not tracked today but upper loops were all skied in. Good skiing. 20 degrees.

  3. 10/15 3:00 PM. 28 degrees at the summit. Many thanks to the park crews for working to get us more skiing this year!!! Skie,d Christian Hollow loop. Good coverage, no wet spots, lots of base. Tracks mostly pretty firm. A couple inches of new snow since it was tracked (late yesterday?). Did have some problems with sticking even with no-wax and had to stop, scrape and reapply Swix glide a couple times. Damn March sun, even on a cloudy day, can be problematic. Should be even better after another cold night or two and maybe one more grooming.

  4. ASP ski report issued at 4:00 PM today (3/14) says – “The lower trails were inspected today and they will remain closed until further notice. There are several trees down that are now covered with snow and frozen in place. The park has received about 6” of fresh snow today and we plan on grooming upper trails again tomorrow.”

  5. And indeed, the upper trails were rolled yesterday, then packed and tracked this AM. New and blowing snow was filling in the tracks but still good kick and OK glide. Temp at Summit was 25F when it was 30F in the Village of Allegany. I used my new Fischer Twin Skins, which worked nicely, so I don’t have any wax info. ASP groomer looked to have gone down Patterson in the afternoon, so perhaps the lower trails and upper Ridge will be ready tomorrow. The Warming Hut was open.

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