Friday, March 16, 2018: Excellent Conditions On The Upper Trails

ASP groomed the upper trails again today for the fourth day in a row, keeping up with the new snowfalls.  Conditions on the upper loops are excellent.  There are about 2 feet of snow on the ground at Summit.  Lower loops are closed and not groomed due to downed trees frozen in place (see Scott’s comment on the prior post).  This afternoon it was 23F at Summit and Blue Extra worked well.  Kudos to the park staff for their good work; it is much appreciated!

16. March 2018 by Allen Knowles
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  1. 3/26 4:30-6:00, 50 degrees and sunny. Probably should have tried it a bit earlier in the afternoon, but still very good spring conditions (T-shirt skiing!). Leonard clockwise. Still a lot of snow, even on south facing slopes. Full coverage with probably 3-12 inches of base. Tracks were a little soft on the sunny slopes, but still firm in the shade. Might be good tomorrow AM after it warms a bit and before the rain sets in. Forecast for the rest of the week shows that this is likely it for the year. Nice to see a few folks were still out making the most of it.

  2. 3/20 1 p.m. The tracks yesterday were quite icy. Many not skiing due to icy conditions. Certainly is fast, caution is advised.

  3. 3/20 5:30-6:30 PM. 35 degrees. Sweetwater loop. For those who like lots of glide, these are your conditions. Although it got above freezing, the March sun was still only enough to slightly soften things. Surprisingly, the tracks survived the weekend really well, but they were hard and icy in spots. Luckily, the area between the tracks was still smooth enough and just soft enough to allow for some downhill control and uphill climbing. Even with no-wax skis the glide while double poling was really good on the flats. Still tons of base so when it does warm up a bit more or we get some new snow it will be good for a while.

  4. Does anybody know if the park will groom again after Sunday’s thaw and subsequent re-freeze? I’d like to make a trek there from Erie but not if it will be ice tracks!

  5. 11-12:30 p.m. 30 degrees. Beautiful, sunny. Track was great on all upper trails as predicted. Finally. Likely got soft later but should be fun again tomorrow a.m. before warm up. Cold night should set the tracks well. Yahoo!

  6. I second that! Maybe the best conditions of the season on Leonard. Should still be really good if you get out early tomorrow before the sun gets on it and the temp pushes toward 32. Base should survive well into next week as well.

  7. Allen’s comments are right on the money. The grooming and conditions are some of the best of this ski season.

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