Monday, Feb. 12 And Going Forward: Tales of the Thaw

Monday, Feb. 12, 10 AM.  25 F.  The trails are ice.  I tried double poling for a while and gave it up as not worth the risk of a crash.  Perhaps when temps are above freezing they will soften up enough to schlep around on waxless skis or with skins. If you venture out in the coming days, leave a comment to tell others what conditions you found.

12. February 2018 by Allen Knowles
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  1. Excerpt from Fees, Amenities, and Rentals section …

    Rental skis and snow shoes are available at two locations in the park: 1) Red House Gift Shop at the Administration Building; and 2) Summit Warming Hut located at the Art Roscoe X-C area. Subject to weather and trail conditions, the summit rental operation is generally open Saturdays and Sundays, 9:00-5:00. Rentals at the Gift Shop location are generally available Friday-Sunday, 9:30-4:30. Please call 716.354.9163 or 716.354.9121 in advance for prices and to be certain the rental locations will be open.

    Hope you have some snow to ski on, but the weather forecast doesn’t look good.

  2. Hi, I am coming out from Buffalo to stay in Allegheny state park from 2/19 to 2/23. Does anyone know a place nearby the park to rent cross country skiis IF there is any snow? Thanks

  3. Wednesday 2/14, 3:30 PM. 40 degrees. Went out Ridge Run to the steep hairpins. Tracks had mainly softened enough to get decent grip and still some glide with no-wax skis. Tracks are getting very thin in spots and even bare in a couple spots, but still enough firm snow between tracks to get around bare spots. I would say you might have passable spring conditions tomorrow AM, but weather in 50’s and rain will finish it off by later tomorrow until we get another dump of snow. Thanks to park staff for doing a great job with the snow we have gotten!

  4. Wednesday, 2/14: Temps in the upper 30’s. The tracks remain ice; you could get decent glide from a cardboard box. The center strip softened enough to allow some control, and some kick on the uphills. I was using my new Fischer Twin Skins, which I just had to try out. I went out Ridge and made it to the first hairpin and back, walking the two steep downhills. The base is still there, but thinning and through to leaves/dirt in many places. I am done until we get more snow, this year or next.

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