Trail Reports 3/16/17 And Going Forward

ASP groomed again this morning (for the third time this week), and conditions are currently good.  Ski while you can!  As the weather starts warming tomorrow, please add your comments as to how the base holds up.  People will want to know if skiing remains possible over the weekend.  Thanks!

16. March 2017 by Allen Knowles
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  1. 3/19. Interested to hear from anyone who went out today. I can’t get there again until tomorrow mid-day (after tonight’s ice softens up) and wondering if there will enough snow left. Yesterday’s reports did not sound encouraging with bare spots already showing. Thanks to everyone who left comments this year and to the ASP staff for doing such a great job with what they had to work with from a stingy mother nature!

  2. Skied 3/18 at 3 PM after thinking about skiing for about five hours. I ‘m glad I went, because, even at that time of day, the skiing was decent…The snow coverage was getting pretty thin in some places, but all in all, I had good glide and decent kick on my waxless Karhus…Actually, I found myself wishing I had gone out earlier…About halfway around Sweetwater, it started raining…At this point, I’m thinking yesterday was the last hurrah, and it’s over until next year…It was a decidedly poor season this year, for the second year in a row, which tells me next year will be better…I hope so; I’m not getting any younger..See you all, Lord willing, next year…

  3. Skied today from 8:00-1:00. Started out on sweet water with very hard crusty snow or pure ice. Any ruts or deep tracks cutting across the groomed tracks were solid ice. This made it hard to be stable while snow plowing. Most steep down hills were very fast, almost lost control a few times. As it warmed up, the trails become softer and almost slushy on top in a few locations. This made the trails slower and easier to control speed and balance for me at least. Sweet water, christan hollows and lenord run were all in decent spring conditions. There were sticks and grass comming through the tracks in some areas. Each loop had at least one spot a few feet in length with no snow to walk across. These were at the top of a hill, so you dont hit it with any speed. Luckily there are no rocks or anything to goige up the skis. All in all it was a good day for sprink sking. Early Sunday may have some potential.

  4. Skied the main trail out Ridge to steep downhill. Turned around and came back. Icey fast. No kick wax needed. Bare spots beginning and lots of sticks. Downhills might be faster than Cousin Eddy on his souped up saucer.

  5. Leonard at 10;30 a.m. Tracks were almost pristine. Thin coverage after the long downhill clockwise. Difficult with waxskiis . VF50. Had to get out of the track several times. Fast. Into the 40s later yesterday. Would recommend this a.m. before warm and predicted rain this p.m. on waxless skiis.

  6. Hellga will fix the problem. I think it was just s glitch. You can leave the info here in a comment

  7. I received an e mail from Helga
    requesting a reply if I skied. My reply was returned to sender because the AN sites didn’t exist. What’s up?

  8. Trail condition were great today. There are a few icy spots on Sweet Water and Christian Hollow but no wet spots. The wax combination that worked for me today was blue the length of the ski with violet in the middle.

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